Friday, May 06, 2016
by Clip Syndicate
Staff from Eleva-Strum High School were invited to the White House to discuss the student run manufacturing business.   [READ MORE]
If you're a hiker and a beer fanatic this $50 starter kit from Pat's Backcountry Beverages could make your day. Clever engineering and technology make brews light enough for even extended backpacking trips. Cheers! TIRED Beer concentrates and the carbonator make brews that can be good, but they aren't great. Then again, you might not care after a long day of hiking.   [READ MORE]
In a special report, three recruits from Minnesota go through boot camp to become a Marine.   [READ MORE]
On Your Side: Cell Phone Germs Debunked   [READ MORE]
Wilson talks about his early season struggles on offense and what he needs to do to break his slump.   [READ MORE]
Hefner is accomplishing the near unthinkable by playing pro baseball after undergoing two Tommy John surgeries. He spoke to Bryan Fenley about his road to recovery and what it will take to get back to the Big Leagues.   [READ MORE]
Police Plays Baseball
by Clip Syndicate
Police Plays Baseball   [READ MORE]

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