Fastbase Just Launched MailAds to Help B2B Companies in Getting Qualified Leads

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 2, 2019 / Fastbase (OTC PINK:FBSE) is launching a new ad system to get marketing qualified leads (MQL). MailAds manages the lead gen process after the target audience has been selected. MailAds then takes over to free up marketing resources and deliver leads that have interacted with a business.

The key to how this works is what some successful companies already know – that effective generation of B2B sales leads comes with access to a B2B business database with clean first-party quality data that includes individual contact information. This is one reason why smart marketers in some of the largest blue-chip companies approach Fastbase to help them take their business to a new level of marketing-driven growth.

Fastbase has a unique perspective gained from analyzing petabytes of data. The company offers its clients further intelligence on top of the standard data provided by Google Analytics. Fastbase’s software platform shows the companies and contact info of the visitors to a business website.

What makes Fastbase different is their data validation systems and procedures to ensure the highest level of accuracy possible. In marketing, the two primary types of data available are known as ‘first-party’ and ‘third-party’. First-party data refers to the company’s data that they have collected from their own consumers and/or brand. Third-party data is information that’s collected by an entity that doesn’t have a direct relationship with customers. At Fastbase there is an experienced and talented team of big data experts using a range of techniques to collect freely available data from a number of different sources. They then consolidate it to resemble ‘first-party’ data.

How does MailAds work?

  • The target group is chosen by location, vertical, job position
  • B2B business runs an email campaign
  • All client interactions such as openers will be provided as a report or list which could then be targeted through digital marketing partners such as Google.
  • Fastbase will track ads clicked and provide clients with leads (including visitor interaction).

This MailAds service is designed to simplify the marketing lead generation process. Being able to use first and third-party data effectively can help organizations deliver next-level customer experience. “Having a comprehensive data strategy is foundational in today’s business climate. From a digital marketing perspective, first-party data is the most valuable data a company can have. Historically third-party data has been used to help expand your audience and potentially reach new customers but the performance of that data on a CPL/CPA basis is often well behind that of first-party data. What Fastbase has done with their data, and specifically in building the MailAds product, is to offer their customers the ability to use third-party data with a first-party feel to capture more new leads at a cost per comparable to first-party data.” Kevin Rodgers (ex-Googler, Head of Global B2B Sales)

About Fastbase Inc.

Fastbase Inc. is a Delaware-registered web and database analytics company that offers a growing suite of tools to support to B2B marketing and sales. The Fastbase platform gathers and displays detailed information of website visitors, including name of the company, contact information, email addresses, and LinkedIn profiles.

Fastbase’s success has been facilitated by its seamless integration with Google Analytics. Its platform can identify website visitors in real-time providing business customers with powerful insights into their website users’ behaviour. The Fastbase Webleads software combines a website’s analytics data with real-time visitor information, allowing customers to minimize the guesswork around who is visiting their website.

Webleads standard package is a free Google Analytics add-on that provides a company’s visitor information for the past 90 days with all data available for download to CSV and Excel formats. Fastbase customers that use Google Analytics can easily access a detailed list of their website visitors for the past 12 months.

Fastbase analyzes over 7 billion website visitors from over 1,000,000 companies and top brands around the world.

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