Google Analytics Extension 3.0 Identifying Web Visitors Just Launched by Fastbase Inc.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 4, 2019 / Lead generation is an ever-growing and important area for any B2B company. Getting constant access to new leads, people to contact and email has become one of the most important areas for growth and success in all industries.

The release of Web Leads 3.0, the new extension for Google Analytics, means that search terms can now be linked directly to the website visitor that used them – bringing context to the content. The tool can identify search keywords from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Naver, Yandex and Baidu and provide a powerful new correlation between the search keywords and data about the website visitor. With this intelligence businesses will be able to determine what drives the customer interest and have the right department follow-up.

For example, when a user searches for “automation solution” on Google and clicks on a company site in the results, Fastbase can deliver real-time data on the company visiting, key employees and the search term used. This saves time and effort because the right team (in this case, automation software) can follow up on the lead.

Web Leads 3.0 users will be able to access extended data on all their web site visitors 12 months back and download it directly to Excel. In addition, users can send new leads automatically to a CRM, Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Slack, Intercom, Salesforce, Trello or any other of the hundreds of apps Zapier seamlessly connects with.

Sign in with Google Analytics to the new WebLeads 3.0. extension.

Fastbase Becomes #1 Business Web Analytics Software

Fastbase has already surpassed Hubspot and Clearbit in the number of website visitors being analyzed. In just two years, Fastbase has achieved massive success with almost one million top brands using its software to identify important website visitor data.

“We are experiencing very strong growth with new companies signing up daily to use our Webleads software. Because of this continued growth, we expect to analyze more than 2,5 billion website visitors weekly by the end of 2019,” says Rasmus Refer, CEO Fastbase.

About Fastbase Inc. (OTC PINK:FBSE)

Fastbase Inc. is a web and database analytics company that offers a growing suite of tools to support to B2B marketing and sales. The Fastbase platform gathers and displays detailed information of website visitors, including name of the company, contact information, email addresses and LinkedIn profiles.
Fastbase’s success has been facilitated by its seamless integration with Google Analytics. Its platform can identify website visitors in real-time providing business customers with powerful insights into their website users’ behavior. The Fastbase Web Leads software combines a website’s analytics data with real-time visitor information, allowing customers to minimize the guesswork around who is visiting their website.

Fastbase Inc. is listed on the OTC Stock market in New York under the ticker code FBSE. Follow the Fastbase stock Quote on Nasdaq market activity.

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Fastbase Inc. 140 Broadway, 46th Floor 10005 New York United States Phone: +1- 800 490 7454

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