Julian Jewel Jeyaraj Introduces Julian Jewel’s Artificial Intelligence Bot (JJAIBOT), A Platform to Combat Mental Illness, Wildlife Preservation and Environment Protection

With a mission to bring awareness towards mental health, wildlife preservation and better conservation of the environment, renowned social influencer Julian Jewel Jeyaraj brings JJAIBOT an AI powered platform

GOA, INDIA / ACCESSWIRE / October 2, 2019 / There is a possibility that the future generation will not enjoy the benefits of being in a healthy environment because of the lack of awareness of the current generation. Environmental and nature activists around the world actively show their advocacy in proclaiming it to the public, however, they often fail because of the limited reach they could build. Julian Jewel Jeyaraj, an entrepreneur, innovator and environmental advocate, who’s widely known for his contributions in the Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analysis, with his latest project is aiming to build a solution to the root of this problem.

JJAIBOT is a startup with a vision to help people understand the effects of climate change and wildlife conservation through an interactive, emotion-based artificial intelligence software bot. The project is built based on artificial intelligence to comb through wildlife research, conservation projects and other data sets to help drive awareness and education, in a simple and effective manner. The Artificial Intelligence robot created by Julian has been trained in cognitive behavioral therapy methods to learn emotional profiles and recommend activities such as meditation and breathing techniques for maintaining a good state of mental health. It makes use of human emotions to create waves in JJAIBOT’s Emotional Processing Unit to create an emotional state.

“We’ve been altering our climate and environment for decades without much regard for the serious consequences this will bring to our future generation. I hope to change our perspective on this and our lives by guiding us with JJAIBOT. I’m a result-oriented computer professional with several years of experience in all aspects of computer technology and software engineering. I want to use my expertise to help people have a better way of living. With JJAIBOT, I take every human emotion and then build an AI perspective around it. Moreover, we should also teach the younger generation how to take good care of our nature and our inner selves. I feel it’s my responsibility to use my knowledge and expertise to give a platform that does it” explains Julian.

About Julian Jewel Jeyaraj

Julian Jewel Jeyaraj is an entrepreneur and tech innovator. He has been creating initiatives in the new generation concepts blockchain, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics since 2010. His latest innovation, the JJAIBOT has attracted over a million followers on popular social network Instagram and the content he’s created has been viewed several million times across different platforms.

More details about Julian and the project can be found at: www.julianjewel.com.

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