#OUTLIERS to Host Outliers Hashed Conference 2019 on Oct. 30 in San Francisco

The venture accelerator will host a FAILCON and pitch competition among nine decentralized startups

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 8, 2019 / #OUTLIERS (Hash Outliers, Inc.) announces the Outliers Hashed Conference 2019 on October 30 in San Francisco during the SF Blockchain Week. #OUTLIERS is one of the newest startup accelerators launched in the Bay Area in 2019 that focuses on decentralized technology and collective intelligence. It is known for being extremely community-driven and research-oriented.

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The Outliers Hashed Conference features three main events: (1) Startup Pitch Competition – Nine founders will pitch their products, share their growths, and compete for theGrowth, Adoption, and Impact awards judged by 300 prominent investors, enterprise adopters, and media outlets using the Crypto Voting System built specifically for this event. (2) FAILCON – Five esteemed entrepreneurs will share some of the tough challenges and hard lessons from their startup journey. These secrets reflect the real startup life and the Accelerator considers them more important than those successes and achievements. (3) After Party – There will be live music, dance show, karaoke, DJ andall-you-can drink bars for important guests to enjoy deep conversations with the outliers, speakers, and influencers in this conference.

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More about #OUTLIERS:

#OUTLIERS was started as a special interest group of radical research and deep tech on Slack by several students from MIT and Harvard since 2016. They discussed research papers and venture investments in decentralized fashion. With the research foundations and investment returns they made collectively, some decided to drop out from schools and spin this community initiative into an accelerator that focuses on their shared interests: collective intelligence and decentralized technology. Their vision is to unite and ignite the outliers of their generation and turn as many science fiction into scientific facts as possible.

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The core members of #OUTLIERS include Poseidon Ho, Yen Yeh and Jacob Cole. Poseidon researches on red harvester ants from MIT Media Lab to San Diego Zoo. He discovered agent-based algorithms and programmable techniques to communicate with insects. These bio-inspired and curiosity-based research built him the foundations to innovate in collective intelligence and decentralized technology. Yen started his first startup in high school, building electronic gadgets for music devices. After acquired four years later, Yen went to MIT to study electrochemistry and worked on batteries for Tesla and Apple. His research interest lies between battery science and data science.

Jacob Cole started his research career from W3C and MIT Decentralized Information Group, advised by Prof. Tim Berners-Lee, to become a core contributor of many open-source projects. He turned one of them into a startup called IdeaFlow, a graph-based intelligent collaboration tool to connect and organize ideas, backed by several prestigious individuals such as Jim Pallota and Tim Armstrong.

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Another two highlights: #OUTLIERS FAILCON. 5 prestigious entrepreneurs, as opposed to successes and achievements, will be sharing tough challenges, worst decisions, and failure experiences during their startup journey. #OUTLIERS Afterparty

The October 30 conference features the following:

  • 1pm-6pm: Startup Pitches, Panels and the FAILCON
  • 6pm-8pm: Dinner and Networking
  • 8pm-2am: Afterparty


Nine startups (Harmony, Quantstamp, Kambria, XYO Network, ePluribus, Contents Protocol, Poseidon Network, and IdeaFlow) will pitch their products, share growth stories, and compete for the #OUTLIERS Growth, Adoption, Impact Awards.

The pitch competition will be judged by 300 prominent investors, enterprise adopters, and media outlets via Crypto Voting System built specifically for this event.


Five entrepreneurs will share startup stories including tough challenges, worst decisions, or failure experiences, and discuss how these affected their business journeys. Compared with successful stories, we believe that failures are equally or more important.


The #OUTLIERS team has built a real-time Crypto Voting System. During check-in, each attendee will be given a tangible Outlier token. They can scan a QR code to access a web-based crypto wallet, which allows attendees and judges to vote and ask questions during each startup’s pitch.

Panel moderators will select the best questions during each category’s panel discussion.


At the end of the event, all attendees and speakers will be issued a unique certificate on blockchain, storing each attendee’s identity and contributions. The certificate is traceable, immutable, and verifiable through TuringCerts gateway.


The Hash Outliers team would like to invite attendees and participants to relax and enjoy the bars, lounges, karaoke, dance floor, DJ, and music performances prepared for the evening. You can also expect to meet speakers and influencers from SF Blockchain Week.

The Outliers Hashed Conference will feature the FAILCON where five esteemed entrepreneurs will share some of the biggest failures in their startup journey, and a Shark Tank-like pitch competition with nine startups across three categories: Growth (Harmony, Contents Protocol, Flow), Adoption (Quantstamp, XYO Network, Poseidon Network) and Impact (Kambria, IdeaFlow, Unum ID). Judges include 300 prominent investors, enterprise adopters, and media outlets who will use a Crypto Voting System and Blockchain Certificate built specifically for this event.


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