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With tens of thousands of downloads WEBSAFETY addresses the concern of millions of parents about protecting children from the addiction that immoral content and addictive algorithms create.

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / October 6, 2019 / WEBSAFETY Inc.’s (OTCMARKET:WBSI) vision is to provide an open window through which concerned parents can monitor questionable and potentially harmful content or a direct predatory exchange occurring on their child’s mobile device. WebSafety protects children and notifies parents of risks or inappropriate behavior through advanced multi-platform monitoring and analysis.

After Smartphone dominated the attention of our youth, as a society we realized that excessive screen time reduces cognitive scores in children, kids are an vulnerable target to tech-savvy pedophiles, gaming contributes to the obesity epidemic and that stress, anxiety and depression is related to social media usage.

WebSafety, Inc. has researched, developed and used patented technology unique only to their app. After years of additional research in order to improve every aspect of the app and user experience, WebSafety, Inc. is the leading research company to provide parents with the peace of mind they all deserve.

WebSafety’s founder and CEO Rowland Day mentioned, “WebSafety’s new features and iOS app provides parents with the information they need, when they need it so they can act quickly to prevent or assess dangerous behaviors. Based upon the feedback from parents during these past few years, we know this product is needed by so many families that we wanted to make it free and accessible to all parents.”

WebSafety is the leading provider of mobile apps that assist parents in monitoring their children’s mobile device usage and activities. Mobile device usage includes mobile apps downloaded and used, websites visited, mobile device location throughout the day, geo-fencing, photos and comments posted to social networks, and mobile device usage restrictions.

About WebSafety

The vision of WebSafety, Inc. is to give clear visibility for parents to monitor and protect their child(ren) from inappropriate behavior on their mobile device. All parents want to do is to protect their children in any way they can. The WebSafety, Inc app enables them to do just that. For more information, visit

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