CEO Urges Living Ben Franklin Principle for New Year

SALT LAKE CITY, UT / ACCESSWIRE / January 2, 2020 / Bestselling author, musician and USANA Health Sciences CEO Kevin Guest is urging all in 2020 to live the Ben Franklin principle, which states: “When you commit to living your core values, you change your destiny.”

Outlined as the first principle in his bestselling book, All the Right Reasons: 12 Timeless Principles for Living a Life in Harmony, Guest draws from his life as a musician and now as CEO of a global company to set life in harmony amidst today’s pressures.

“I believe to succeed in today’s extreme business environment, a commitment to a solid foundation is vital,” said Guest, who leads USANA Health Sciences (NYSE: USNA). “The pressure for profits, power and personal aggrandizement is as unrelenting as the problems they produce. This is why it is important for each person to know what they stand for and to commit to live according to those values.”

Citing Franklin’s writings, Guest said at age 20, Franklin resolved to go about “always doing right and to avoid any wrongdoing” by identifying virtues around which to align his life.

Franklin concentrated on one virtue for a week at a time and at age 79 wrote that he hadn’t yet achieved perfection, but he had discovered he was better and happier than if he had not attempted the endeavor.

“You will know you are succeeding in living your values because of how you feel and the way people respond to you,” said Guest. “When you build on a solid foundation and truly live your core values, your friends, family and co-workers will come to trust and rely on you.

“They will consult you for advice, seek your guidance and want to be around you because you inspire them to be a better person. They will know you are a person who strives for excellence — a person they can trust to make the right choices for yourself and your company.”

Building a solid foundation on core values and aligning personal action with those values allows one to take charge of destiny, have more fulfilling relationships and achieve long-term, genuine harmony and happiness in business and life, Guest writes.

“I have always had three priorities on which I’ve built my life: My first priority is God, second is my family and third is my career. These are my core principles, and every decision I make is based on this sure foundation,” he said.

“You stand on solid ground when you recognize the right decision and do the right thing for the right reasons, even if it’s going to take longer, be more expensive, cause you inconvenience, make you unpopular or leave you standing all alone.”

Leading USANA’s billion-dollar nutritional supplement company in over 26 markets worldwide, Guest, who is embarking on an 11-country tour to address business leaders, shares the 12 principles with associates from around the world.

“In some ways, being a CEO is like captaining a ship that faces violent storms and mammoth waves, tranquil seas and brilliant sunsets, all of which I love,” Guest said. “Storms and adversity test our strength, keep us vigilant and propel us forward. If we build our lives on a foundation of solid values, we have nothing to fear.

“One of my primary responsibilities is to plan for the future and make ideas come to life. Successful leaders activate vision and courage to take a concept from paper to reality. Making ideas come alive involves envisioning solutions, navigating roadblocks, weathering conflict and controversy, and solving complex and frustrating problems.”

All managers and employees are called upon to solve problems. How those problems are solved is where values, integrity and a sure foundation make the difference, he concludes in chapter one.

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About Us

Kevin Guest strives to live a life in crescendo. Success for the small-town boy with rock star aspirations didn’t come overnight. Nor did the CEO of a billion-dollar company find success by straying from his deep-rooted principles. Each experience in Kevin’s life – in music, business, and now as an author – has built upon another, all contributing to a life lived in harmony.

Kevin is Chief Executive Officer of USANA Health Sciences, a global health and nutritional supplements company. He is a Direct Selling Association board member and a member of the CEO Council for the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations. Before USANA, Kevin served as a managing partner at FMG, a video and events production company in Salt Lake City.

Throughout his life, Kevin’s musical talents have helped him realize his childhood rock-n-roll dreams. Highlights include sharing the stage with greats such as Kenny Loggins, Tommy Shaw, Eddie Money, and Belinda Carlisle, and performing at the Grand Ole Opry. He continues to perform part-time with country music superstar Collin Raye.

Newest Project: All the Right Reasons: 12 Timeless Principles for Living a Life in Harmony

Kevin’s most-recent project is also his most personal. In All the Right Reasons, Kevin shares entertaining anecdotes and inspiring stories, collected from years of meeting fascinating people and learning valuable life lessons. The result is a book featuring 12 foundational principles by which he lives and that he believes will lead others on their own path to success.

Kevin earned a bachelor’s degree in communications from Brigham Young University. He and his wife, Lori, have four children and six grandchildren.


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