Positive B. White’s Positive Passionate Motivated Advertising LLC Helping Brands Grow by Staying Positive

LITHONIA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / November 7, 2020 / In a time where social media is supercharged with negativity and hostility, browsing one’s newsfeed can be a life-draining endeavor. Studies show an imbalance of negative and positive messages online, with the tip going more toward the toxic side. But advertising and coaching company Positive Passionate Motivated Advertising LLC looks to shift that balance by encouraging companies and individuals to pursue positivity and passion.

The company thrives in digital marketing and advertising and helps brands gain more publicity and brand awareness by riding on campaigns and content that promote positivity and motivation. The company has an online talk show and podcast that has hosted various music producers, directors, professional athletes, musicians, and comedians. The Positive Passionate Motivated show helps viewers gain the self-confidence and faith necessary to overcome life’s challenges and walk by faith.

Positive Passionate Motivated Advertising LLC has worked with many names in entertainment and sports by helping them increase brand awareness and visibility through proven advertising strategies. The company offers affordable advertising and promotional services, specializing in advertising via social media. They offer services for company websites, YouTube, and clients that work with them even receive the opportunity to utilize their access to podcast and radio promotion. With these services, they add value to their clients and help successfully push forward with future goals.

The company’s heart and soul is its founder Positive B. White, an Atlanta, Georgia-based entrepreneur who moved from sports into business to pursue his calling to communicate messages that speak life to others. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of West Georgia.

The marketing and brand agency offers affordable advertising and promotional services to brands who want to grow their footprint on social media and digital platforms. Positive Passionate Motivated Advertising always seeks to provide optimal value for every marketing dollar spent, utilizing an innovative approach to promoting brands to new markets. Behind the company’s commercial goal is a deeper mission to partner with brands to develop content that would push people to pursue their passions and dreams by working hard.

Nowadays, digital airwaves can get oversaturated with messages that pull down rather than uplift. Positive Passionate Motivated Advertising LLC recognizes this and goes against the flow by choosing to use messages that instill hope in others. By working with brands, the company aspires to build a strong community of like-minded people who will push each other further in the process. The company also runs a web series that features various success stories of people who overcame adversity to climb up to the top of their respective industries.

Positive Passionate Motivated Advertising LLC hopes to become a leading advertising company and front runner in the positivity and motivation game in the near future. By creating content that will cause others to dream and achieve, it hopes to spark a revolution of success and accomplishment in various circles worldwide by keeping a positive mindset, a passion for one’s craft, and the resilience to overcome any obstacle life throws our way.

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