Visual LANSA V15+ Unveils New Features to Accelerate, Simplify the Creation of Progressive Web Applications in Low-Code Environments

Achieve low-code productivity while maintaining control of coding

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#IBMi–LANSA, a provider of low-code application development platform tools, today announced the release of Visual LANSA V15+ with new features to develop progressive web applications (PWAs), combining the efficiency of low-code with the versatility of traditional coding. Visual LANSA V15+ is the company’s flagship offering targeting low-code and IBMi development.

PWAs offer a seamless experience across any platform that uses a standards-compliant browser, including mobile and desktop devices. They are typically built with common web technologies including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, often requiring significant coding for the service worker and manifest that controls PWA behavior.

Visual LANSA V15+ allows users to build PWAs with an intuitive drag-and-drop UI, leveraging standards like Google Material Design, which are built into the designer. In addition, Visual LANSA V15+ automatically creates the PWA service worker and manifest so a developer doesn’t have to be concerned with how an app will interface with a device. This release continues the platform’s commitment to provide the most cost-effective low-code offering in the market that addresses both app development and maintenance.

Additional Visual LANSA 15+ features include:

  • User-defined PWA capabilities: Using cache storage on the browser, drag-and-drop application resources can be saved and used in the app for improved performance and a better user experience; developers can select Cache First or Network First to set their caching strategy.
  • Customizable routing framework: Speeds application performance by organizing routes and links, and ensures requested resources are routed to the right cache storage; end users can continue to interact with the apps rather than seeing a page spinner while they wait for content.
  • UX improvements: Within the IDE, help developers organize routes, create views with routing, and organize all cache resources; combine a low-code wizard approach with developer-friendly flexibility to deeply customize code.

“Unlike other low-code platforms that still require manual coding of different PWA components, Visual LANSA V15+ uses low-code features to eliminate these tedious and time-consuming tasks. This allows developers to focus on creating solutions instead of spending time on coding functionality and helps businesses realize high ROI from their low-code investments,” said Craig Trautman, General Manager of LANSA. “With this new ability to easily create PWAs, Visual LANSA V15+ strengthens its position as the most powerful enterprise low-code app builder available.”

Join LANSA on Wed., Jan. 27 at 10:00 am CST for a live webinar to learn more about PWAs and the business cases for using them. Register here.

To learn more about Visual LANSA V15+, visit the LANSA blog or download the whitepaper.


LANSA is the original low-code, high-productivity software development platform for mobile, web, and desktop applications. Visual LANSA’s unique low-code development platform, system integration, and digital transformation technologies reduce hand-coding, support multiple languages, and empower development teams to build applications up to 10x faster. More than 8,000 organizations in 65 countries use LANSA’s platform to develop, maintain, and integrate their business applications, ensuring a consistent look and feel with minimal coding. Customers include JPMorgan Chase, Kawasaki, TruGreen, Vistar, and Walt Disney, among others. LANSA is a division of Idera, Inc. To learn more, visit


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