CampusDoor and Incenter Mortgage Advisors Create Student Loan Refi Market for Non-Banks and Investors

Student Loan in a Box Provides Non-Balance Sheet Option for Non-Bank Mortgage Lenders Seeking New Revenue Streams

CARLISLE, Pa. & DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#InvestorsIncenter company CampusDoor, one of the nation’s largest third-party loan origination shops, and Incenter Mortgage Advisors (IMA), which provides trading and advisory services, have created a new student loan refinance market for non-bank mortgage lenders and investors.

The Student Loan in a Box service is the first to enable non-bank lenders to generate revenue from these products without holding them on their balance sheets, as investors sign on to purchase them.

“This is a plug-and-play system that helps non-banks to generate significant new fee income from their existing customer and prospect database. Investors want to tap into private student loan assets, which have historically performed well,” said Tom Piercy, Managing Director, IMA.

“Private student loan refinances provide a bridge for non-banks to stay relevant when mortgage originations dampen. Almost 50 percent of mortgage applicants have at least one student loan trade on their credit report,” said Steve Winnie, Chief Executive Officer, CampusDoor.

“If non-banks can retain candidates for student loan refinancing now, they have a good chance of meeting their mortgage lending and refinancing needs later,” he added.

Private student lending is a $140 billion market, and those looking to refinance their student debt generally have $60,000 or more to repay at spreads ranging from 3.5% – 10%. Many of these are high-credit-quality borrowers with solid income and employment histories, and multiple loans eligible for refinancing.

The Student Loan in a Box service makes it easy and fast to launch this additional line of business. Through a white-label platform, CampusDoor handles application intake and processing, and manages underwriting as well as the payoff of all of the underlying loans. IMA provides investor and servicing support.

Lenders receive a referral fee for every new refinance loan that funds, and investors earn their money on the spread over the life of the loan.

For more information, lenders and investors can contact [email protected] or [email protected].

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CampusDoor provides white-label loan origination solutions to lenders. The Company has processed more than $26 billion in private student loan requests, assisted more than 2.2 million borrowers and supports more than 1,000 unique loan programs. See

About Incenter Mortgage Advisors

Incenter Mortgage Advisors (IMA) provides Mortgage Servicing Rights trading and advisory services. Based in Denver, Colorado, the IMA team issues MSR offerings, manages the bidding, negotiates the pricing and supports the transfer of MSR and eMSR assets. Visit

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Incenter ideates and deploys innovative solutions for optimizing business performance in the mortgage and specialty finance industries. Based in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, Incenter employs over 1,600 professionals across its eight sub-brands. For more information, please visit


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