Exquisite Aesthetics: The New Standard in Cosmetic and Paramedical Tattooing

REDONDO BEACH, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 16, 2021 / Cosmetic and paramedical tattooing services have captured the attention of the beauty industry. These services combine the art of tattooing and the excellence of the medical field to produce impeccable results. Exquisite Aesthetics has quickly captured this territory to become the new standard in cosmetic and paramedical tattooing. Located in Redondo Beach, CA, Exquisite Aesthetics Tattoo Studio is passionate about helping clients improve their appearance, health and self esteem through these innovative beauty services. Exquisite Aesthetics founder, Shawny Ellsworth, started the business to share her expertise with clients across the world. Double licensed as an aesthetician and a permanent cosmetics/paramedical tattoo artist, this female entrepreneur has truly perfected her craft. The secret behind the Exquisite Aesthetics standard is the team’s extensive training and passion for their clients. This passion extends to the community through training apprenticeship opportunities as well as a give back program, where survivors receive transformative services for free. No matter what clients come in for, Exquisite Aesthetics is dedicated to providing services with a flawless finish.

So what kind of services does Exquisite Aesthetics offer? The business proudly offers microblading/3D semi-permanent eyebrows, scar and stretch mark camouflage, skin rejuvenation micropigmentation, areola repigmentation restoration, scalp micropigmentation and HD lymphatic detox and body sculpting. The Exquisite Aesthetics website details each service for those who are unfamiliar. “We want clients to feel knowledgeable in the services we provide,” shares the Exquisite Aesthetics team. “Our goal is for customers to know what to expect and experience a high level of comfort before they even step foot in our studio.”

Clients can also find comfort in Exquisite Aesthetics’ transparent pricing. The business’s website lists the pricing for each service up front so customers are prepared financially for their appointment. Financing options are also available on some of the services through the Exquisite Aesthetic’s Studio. Still have more questions? The Exquisite Aesthetics team puts clients at ease through their personal recommendations and individual consultations. You can also check out the website’s Q&A page where they answer the most common questions and concerns. “This is a rapidly growing field,” shares the Exquisite Aesthetics team, “but we refuse to sacrifice care for our community of clients along the way.”

This business’s care for others doesn’t end in the studio. Exquisite Aesthetics invests in the community through their training academy as well as a give back program. Students can apply directly on the website and choose from multiple courses within a group or private training session. People travel from all over the country to be trained in Exquisite Aesthetics’ services. “We’ve trained people to become medical tattoo artists from all over the world- in the US, China, Thailand and Jamaica,” shares the Exquisite Aesthetics team. When they’re not training young aspiring artists, Exquisite Aesthetics performs free transformative services on deserving clients. Through their give back program, a different individual is nominated each month to receive a service for free. “We’ve had the honor of repigmenting after mastectomies as well as camouflaging scars from past abuse,” shares the Exquisite Aesthetics team. “We want to turn something that was once a painful memory into a beautiful display of art.”

By now, I’m sure you’re ready to book your appointment. Customers can fill out a contact form on the Exquisite Aesthetics website and a specialist will respond to confirm their appointment. “We will discuss everything from service options and payment to personal recommendations and more before meeting a client in person,” shares the Exquisite Aesthetics team. “We’re committed to them from the very start.” The business also provides amazing after appointment care. Clients receive professional products to boost their results and protect their investment. “We know beauty starts within, but with our services, you’ll be glowing on the outside too.”

Exquisite Aesthetics has quickly become the new standard in cosmetic and paramedical tattooing. This business’s passion for clients and excellent results have already earned them global attention. While the attention is warranted, this business remains focused on earning client trust, one appointment at a time. Exquisite Aesthetics has also built trust in the community through training apprenticeship opportunities as well as a give back program, where survivors receive transformative services for free. Customers will agree that Exquisite Aesthetics provides services with a flawless finish.

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