Thursday, June 22, 2017
What local officials are saying caused a house to explode near Bois d'Arc Wednesday. Missouri's Attorney General files a lawsuit against companies manufacturing opioids. Senators on Capitol Hill get ready to roll out a replacement for Obamacare. Here's your Thursday morning Web Cast.   [READ MORE]
We'll get you caught up on a couple of big comebacks in the MLB. And with one team announcing it is on the move, the Texas League is about to undergo some changes. Here's your Thursday morning Sports Report.   [READ MORE]
Kari Bustamante previews the 112th annual Midnight Sun Baseball game   [READ MORE]
Black Hills Bombers defeat Alliance 5-4 and 17-7.   [READ MORE]
Permian Webster Baseball
by Clip Syndicate
Permian Webster Baseball   [READ MORE]
San Antonio Double A moving to the Pahandle in 15 months.   [READ MORE]

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