Monday, March 27, 2017
Runners in the Big Apple
by Clip Syndicate
The clock is ticking down to what could be one of the biggest games in the history of the Cal State Bakersfield men's basketball program.   [READ MORE]
Despite the failure of a new health care bill, the President is already looking ahead to other issues. NewsChannel 9's Beth Cefalu is following Trump's new fight to reform America's tax code and difficulties ahead.   [READ MORE]
The Augustana Vikings Basketball team tells us what makes them most happy, they talked about it on FOX 18 Sports Sunday.   [READ MORE]
by Clip Syndicate
The Sanctuary of Joplin hosted its first ever Cupcake-A-Thon. The fundraiser was geared towards raising money for the church's summer vacation bible school. The Cupcake-A-Thon required every member to prepare 24 cupcakes for an eating competition. To participate in the game, competitors needed to be sponsored, which is where the funds come from. In the end, the member who ate the most cupcakes won a gold prize and pride knowing they helped a good a cause. Beth Woods/The Sanctuary of Joplin Sunday School Director: "They call this their bible school. And so that's really what it's about is to make one week for our kids. Just have lots of fun and make lots of community connections." Sofiya Bezeala/Cupcake Eater: "It's really important for me because I think that we have too educate children involved with God. And it's really nice in the United States that a lot of churches do activities." Woods said due to the success of todays Cupcake-A-Thon they will have a bigger and better one again next year.   [READ MORE]
penn state baseball
by Clip Syndicate
penn state baseball   [READ MORE]
Centenary Baseball
by Clip Syndicate
Centenary Baseball   [READ MORE]

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