Wednesday, May 23, 2018
by Clip Syndicate
The Conference USA Baseball Tournament began today at MGM Park. Weather permitting, a champion will be crowned Sunday. Last year, the Conference USA Tournament had a total attendance of 21,000 fans at MGM Park. The tournament has an economic impact of between three to four million dollars to the Coast. Whether it’s to support loved ones or support their team, fans from all over the country come to the Coast to enjoy a great week of baseball.  Florida Atlantic University fan Luz Miranda said, “We are here to watch our son play for FAU and we are excited. We are here all the way from California.” Florida International University fan Betty Cortelli said, “My son is a freshman. He is a pitcher, Cody Cortelli. We are looking forward to the team winning the championship.” Just like last year, Southern Miss is the number one seed this year. With all the games being televised, local Golden Eagle fans can watch from MGM Park or a local restaurant, bringing in revenue for the City of Biloxi.  Vincent Creel with the City of Biloxi Public Affairs said, “What really drives this tournament and what drove it last year is Southern Miss. We think  we are going to get a huge contingent of people following Southern Mississippi.” With the tournament lasting all week, the opportunities to tour the Gulf Coast are endless. These tourists plan to take full advantage of what Mississippi has to offer. “We are going to see the Gulf Beaches. We want to hopefully go see where Elvis was born and go to the National Cemetery here,” said Cortelli. “I’m looking forward to playing at the casinos,” said Miranda. No matter which team you decided to root for, the City of Biloxi wants all tourists to have a great experience. “It’s great exposure for Biloxi, MGM Park, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Five days of national TV coverage. You can’t underestimate the residual value of that,” said Creel.   [READ MORE]
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