Monday, December 05, 2016
by Clip Syndicate
An American Falls business, AMS is looking to send a note of gratitude to American troops overseas for a third time.   [READ MORE]
Former U.S. Attorney Tim Purdon Discusses Win for Protesters   [READ MORE]
Dyess Air Force Base unveils Wall of Honor   [READ MORE]
News 25's Laurene Callander interviews Sgt. Josh Bromen about the positive police interaction with the community and one of those being a friendly game of basketball.   [READ MORE]
If the Kansas City Chiefs are going to give you anything this year, it's going to be thrilling football when they are on the field.   [READ MORE]
Gas Prices
by Clip Syndicate
Will rising gas prices effect holiday travel times? Drivers we spoke with say the rising prices won't impact their travel plans, as long as they aren't going far. However, those we spoke with who are on a budget this holiday season say they might think twice before taking long road trips. While a few cents more per gallon might not sound like much, it can make a big difference for some families. Jimmy Page/Holiday Traveler: "It effects people that's going you know quite a bit of distance. I would say anywhere from one-hundred miles plus. Anything less than that it shouldn't effect that much. But again it depends on the type of vehicle they have too." The U.S. Energy Information Administration is projecting gas prices to hover right around where they are through the end of the year, before falling by a few cents in January.   [READ MORE]
Nebraska Basketball 3, 2016   [READ MORE]

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