Thursday, October 19, 2017
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Controversy surrounds the college basketball world as the FBI continues to investigate serious claims against several programs including Auburn and Alabama. Both of those teams were in the hot seat today here in the Music City for SEC Basketball Media Day.   [READ MORE]
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UVM Basketball Holds Media Day   [READ MORE]
Huntsville Havoc General Manager and Head Coach Glenn Detulleo announced the season opening roster today as the club prepares to open the 2017-2018 season against the Macon Mayhem in Georgia. While returning only six players from last year's playoff team, the Havoc roster sports a deep list of talented rookies and veterans as the team enters its 14th year as a member of the Southern Professional Hockey League.   [READ MORE]
Ty Wilson talks with Jeff Sanders, from the Macon Mayhem, they discuss their recent championship and the new hockey season starting soon.   [READ MORE]
From heating up our homes to preparing dinner each night, we are all driven and surrounded by a number of sources of energy. This is just one reason why the Association of Blacks in Energy has named October Black Energy Awareness Month. News 25’s Caroline Eaker connects us with a program from Mississippi Power that is designed to plug students in to the possibility of one day working in an energy related job field. Spaghetti and gumdrops in the hands of these students could be the building blocks of the future. It is projects and outreach programs like this one offered by Mississippi Power that help launch interest and even careers for students like Abraham Loredo. “Electrical engineering is my first main one and then the second is mechanical because I like being around machinery. I came here last year and learned about the same thing, but we learned more things this year, like they planned more than last year.” Mississippi Power has been hosting this event for 13 years. It gives students the chance to talk to people already in the field and to learn more about STEM career opportunities. Gulfport School District Career Pathways Specialist Sandy East said, “All of our kids that are here today are in our engineering or robotics program or in our STEM institute. All of them have an interest in what is going on in Mississippi Power and other industries so for them to be able to meet people and to hear about the different jobs, this is just a great fit for us and for our kids.” Partnering with the American Association of Blacks in Energy, leaders with Mississippi Power say the power company also benefits from this special program as they look ahead and help shape the engineers of the future. Danielle Kimbrough with Mississippi Power Public Relations said, “It’s an opportunity to bring in minority students from along the Gulf Coast to come in to talk about and learn about careers in energy. We really feel like it is important to get kids while they are in high school and teach them about energy careers, that way we are building our workforce for the future.”   [READ MORE]
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