Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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All three candidates running for the state senate spot of District 49 were put in the hot seat tonight in a public discussion. News 25's Taylor Rubach attended the Harrison County Republican Women's Senate Forum and gives us more on what each candidates plans are for the future of District 49. With Sean Tindell vacating the senate seat of District 49, three republican candidates are now nearing the end of the election period, eager for the position. Monday night the Harrison County Republican women held a senate forum to give each candidate the opportunity to tell the public why they are the best choice. To be able to communicate, get everybody on the same page and have good conversation. I'm all about building bridges not road blocks. I'm confident i can make a difference in Jackson. - Joel Carter Candidate District 49 Senate I have created hundreds of jobs, I’ve put thousands of dollars in governments through state sales tax. I've created over 200 different events in the southeast impacting millions of people. - Ron Meyers Candidate District 49 Senate Get taxes lowered for the business in our state and another thing i want to begin to work on is our education. I've already began to speak to lots of teacher and principals on what we need to do to help them in the classroom. - Dan Carr Candidate District 49 Senate This special election will be the first time that either of them will be running for political office. And while each is in the race to succeed, all three have their minds in the same direction if elected. Obviously one of the things we have to get settled is the b-p money coming back to the gulf coast, we need to get the education situation straightened out and get teachers better pay. - Ron Meyers Candidate District 49 Senate “We need to get the b-p money back here to the coast. That's going to be one of the very first things, you know, that the first thing there is to begin to work to get that money here where it belongs on the coast.” - Dan Carr Candidate District 49 Senate 100 percent of the money needs to come down here. They just released an economic report the Gulfport Business Council did and were struggling. Were four thousand jobs down from pre Katrina while the rest of the states are up 55 thousand jobs. - Joel Carter Candidate District 49 Senate Voters will make their choice come the December 19th election ....a run off if needed...will be held January 9th. In Gulfport, Taylor Rubach News 25.   [READ MORE]
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