Friday, December 02, 2016
Gulfport Police Department's new Basketball Team Blue Crew practiced this morning for the last time before their face off against the Gulfport Admiral's Solution Team on Monday. “It started with text messages between Gulfport High students and Police Chief Leonard Papania. One student threw out the idea of basketball games between police and community members. Although they are practicing hard for Monday’s game, the league is more about building relationships with Gulfport’s youth.” - Joshua Simmons Senior At Gulfport High School “It’s not about your color or anything like that it's about if you do something yeah they're going to come after you so stay out of trouble." "this is the future of gulfport that we're going to be playing against so in years to come when the guys behind me are captains or above they have these resources at their, almost at their beckon call like they do now." - Tony Alves "Blue Crew" Player The tip off game is Monday at 7pm at Gulfport High School. Admission is free and open to the public.   [READ MORE]
Maine-Endwell takes down Johnson City hockey, 3-1   [READ MORE]
Network World's Brandon Butler gives a quick tour of the Amazon Web Services re:Invent show floor, where companies are showing off products and services that support the AWS cloud.   [READ MORE]
Blair Hanley Frank from the IDG News Service and Brandon Butler from Network World wrap up some of the announcements from Day 2 of the Amazon Web Services re:Invent show in Las Vegas. Highlights include new tools for developers to write easier applications for the Amazon cloud and protections against DDoS attacks.   [READ MORE]
What's In Store 12/2/16
by Clip Syndicate
A new ice cream store in Destiny USA and a new restaurant in the food court!   [READ MORE]
Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman and all the great Dallas Cowboys teams before this season have never done what the 2016 version of the "Boys have done this year. 11 wins in a row. Some local businesses tell KTAB the Cowboy's success on the field is paying off, off the field.   [READ MORE]

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