Wednesday, September 28, 2016
by Clip Syndicate
Much of the economic success in our hometowns comes from small business. Next week, nearly 100 of our region's small businesses will be honored at an event at the Hotel Roanoke.   [READ MORE]
The presidential election brings the issue of taxes to the front. Financial Advisor Rick Reagan breaks through the politics and looks at what percentages income taxes take for each American.   [READ MORE]
small business savings
by Clip Syndicate
Ann's Dairy Bar and Grill business owner   [READ MORE]
It's Navy week at the Air Force Academy   [READ MORE]
Air Force will play Navy on Saturday   [READ MORE]
Fayette's Tommy Phillips wins the SportsZone Football Friday Play of the Week for his touchdown against Paris.   [READ MORE]
Lakers Prepare for Season   [READ MORE]

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