Wednesday, December 07, 2016
by Clip Syndicate
Catie Wiedenhofer Receives Texas EMS Citizen of the Year San Angelo, December 6, 2016 - The leadership group at San Angelo Community Medical Center celebrated today with Catie Wiedenhofer, coordinator of San Angelo Safe Kids. Catie received the Texas EMS Citizen of the Year award at the Texas EMS conference on November 22 in Dallas. The prestigious award was received before a crowd of more than 2,000 EMS conference attendees, complete with an emotional bagpipe ceremony for fallen firefighters. Twelve additional awards were presented during the conference. Catie was honored for her outstanding work in child safety and injury prevention in a 14 county area. "There is no one more dedicated to child safety and injury prevention than Catie," said Janet Charlesworth, co-director of Community Health Club and author of the award application. "I have never met anyone more sincere or genuinely passionate about child safety." Catie travels more than 13,000 miles each year to conduct child safety and injury prevention events for West Texas communities and schools. She delivers many safety devices to communities including: bicycle helmets, life jackets, booster seats, car seats and smoke alarms. She works closely with local hospitals, physicians, schools and EMS personnel to offer exceptional child safety education. Danny Updike, Concho Valley Regional Advisory Council Trauma Service, Area K executive director, said, "Catie visits all 14 counties in TSA-K. She works hand-in-hand with EMS, hospitals and schools in the county. She is a valuable asset helping keep kids safe in the region. We could not do it without her." In addition to providing valuable safety programs to the counties, Catie is also one of the primary founders of radKIDs in San Angelo and the surrounding area. radKIDs is a personal empowerment safety program, as well as a bullying prevention program. The program is nationally recognized teaching children to protect themselves from violence and harm. Catie is a certified national instructor for radKIDs, R.A.D. Women and R.A.D. Men. Jeremy Riney, CEO of SACMC concluded, "Catie is most deserving of this award. We sincerely appreciate her enormous work in spreading safety awareness so that injuries and fatalities can be prevented among our most precious resource." Ms. Charlesworth, Mr. Updike and Sheryl Pfluger, marketing & business development director for SACMC, attended the conference.   [READ MORE]
UVM Men's Hoops Happy to be Home   [READ MORE]
When it comes to Harrison Central basketball, there’s not a lot of losing going on and that goes for both the boys and the girls. Tonight both teams put their winning ways on the line against Faith Academy out of Mobile. Harrison Central wins 52-46.   [READ MORE]
The Tigers are in the midst of seven game losing streak   [READ MORE]
The Karate Girls
by Clip Syndicate
Kicking their way to the 2020 Olympics.   [READ MORE]
Scoopers host top ranked Aberdeen Central Friday night. Also: -Stevens boys basketball team ready to shine this season. -Pair of Rush players called up to Tucson.   [READ MORE]

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