Wednesday, September 20, 2017
BlackRock CEO Fink: Globally People Feel Left Behind
April 27 -- Larry Fink, chief executive officer at BlackRock, talks with Erik Schatzker about political dissatisfaction around the world and the promise of fiscal policy stimulus. He speaks on "Bloomberg ?GO?."
Koch Hints Clinton May Be Better Choice Than Republicans
April 25 -- Billionaire Charles Koch stated in a televised interview this weekend that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may be a better choice for the White House in 2016 than any of the Republican contenders. Bloomberg's Megan Murphy reports on "Bloomberg ?GO?."
New Yorker Cartoons Illustrate Donald Trump's America
April 25 -- New Yorker magazine has dedicated every carton in this week's issue to Donald Trump and his policies, a first in the history of the publication. In today's "Morning Must Read," Bloomberg's Michael McKee highlights a comic take on Trump's America on "Bloomberg Surveillance."
Analyst Mark Halperin: Kasich/Cruz alliance 'is different, but also desperate'
Mark Halperin of Bloomberg Politics and NBC political analyst Nicole Wallace join TODAY to talk about the new alliance between John Kasich and Ted Cruz to stop Donald Trump, and they agree: The problem is that their collusion plays right into Trump's accusations that the GOP nomination process is "fixed."
America's Political and Economic Discontent
April 22 -- Columbia University Professor Jeffrey Sachs examines the political and economic climate in the United States and the discontent of the American people. He speaks on "Bloomberg Surveillance."
How Prescription Drugs Sparked America's Heroin Epidemic
April 21 -- The heroin epidemic in America is spiraling out of control. Heroin has become a key talking point in the 2016 election, and President Barack Obama is dedicating more than a billion dollars to combat the growing problem. This Bloomberg QuickTake examines how we got here and how politicians are attempting to combat it. (Video by: Michael Byhoff)
NY Primary Vote Sets the Stage for Trump vs. Clinton
April 20 -- Bloomberg's Megan Murphy analyzes the victories by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the New York presidential primaries, the future of Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz's campaigns, and the adjustment Donald Trump needs to make going forward. She speaks on "Bloomberg ?GO?."
Trump, Clinton and the Politics of the Middle Class
April 18 -- Richard Haass, president at Council on Foreign Relations, and Komal Sri-Kumar, president at Sri-Kumar Global Strategies, examine the presidential campaign ahead of Tuesday's New York primary, what a Trump presidency could mean for the dollar and treasury yields, and how frustration of the middle class impacts this election cycle. They speak on "Bloomberg Surveillance."
America's Ability to Absorb Exogenous Political Shocks
April 18 -- Richard Haass, president at Council on Foreign Relations, and Komal Sri-Kumar, president at Sri-Kumar Global Strategies, look at the United States' place in global politics. They speak on "Bloomberg Surveillance."

George Clooney on fundraisers: The money in politics is 'ridiculous'
George Clooney may be helping Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton raise millions for her campaign and for her party this weekend ? but he agrees with her rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders, on at least one thing: campaign finance. For TODAY, NBC's Kristen Welker reports.
How Political Uncertainty Impacts the Markets
April 15 -- UBS Head of EMEA Equity Syndicate Gareth Mccartney weighs in on the impact of politics on the markets. He speaks on "Bloomberg Markets."
Dr. Jill Biden spotlights military families, talks about women in politics
Along with first lady Michele Obama, Dr. Jill Biden, a prominent educator as well as wife of Vice President Joe Biden, helped launch "Joining Forces," a nationwide initiative to raise awareness of the challenges facing our military families. TODAY's Natalie Morales joined Dr. Biden on a trip to visit some of those families, and spoke with her about topics including the need for more women in politics.
Bernie Sanders 'didn't do anything last night to help catch up' to Clinton
Mark Halperin, managing editor of Bloomberg Politics, analyzes the Thursday night debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, saying that Sanders missed opportunities to change the dynamic of their race. "These two people really do not like each other," observes NBC's Andrea Mitchell for TODAY.
How to Talk About Politics Without Getting Into a Fight
Its election season, and that means youre probably going to get into some cringe-worthy conversations with your friends and family about political issues. Fear not: comedian and activist Franchesca Ramsey is here to tell you exactly how to navigate some of the more thorny issues?from women voting (or not voting!) for Hillary Clinton to Black Lives Matter.
Peter Thiel: Feels Like a Fairly Crazy Election
April 12 -- Clarium Capital Management Founder Peter Thiel discusses his outlook for U.S. politics. He speaks with Bloomberg's Emily Chang.
Analyst Nicolle Wallace: Obama's got Hillary's back on email issue
Mark Halperin, managing editor of Bloomberg Politics, says "there's no greater testing ground than New York City and New York State" for Hillary and Bill Clinton as they campaign ahead of the New York primary. NBC News political analyst Nicolle Wallace says that President Obama's defending Hillary Clinton on the issue of her emails when she was secretary of state powerfully shows that he's "got her back."
Why Every Man Should Wear A Kilt
The kilt: legendary, emblematic, a symbol not just of Scottish fashion but of Scotland itself, blending style, politics, and history. Howie Nicholsby, the founder and designer at 21st Century Kilts, tells us why it's not just for weddings and wakes anymore ? it's what every man should wear, every day.
Obama Says Healthcare Rollout Fraught With Problems, Offers Fix
President Barack Obama offered a fix to his troubled healthcare law on Thursday that would allow insurance companies to extend for one year the health plans of Americans that would otherwise face cancellation. Struggling to convince Americans he is on top of the growing crisis around the Affordable Care Act, Obama disclosed that he was not informed directly that the glitch-prone website might not work the way it was supposed to work when enrollment began on October 1. He declined to say that all problems with the website would be ironed out by a November 30 deadline but said there would the improvements would be "marked and noticeable."
Boehner Says Obamacare Administrative Fixes Won't Work
U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner said on Thursday that he does not believe that President Barack Obama can fix problems with his healthcare reform law with administrative changes and it should simply be scrapped. "The only way to fully protect the American people is to scrap this law once and for all," Boehner said.


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