Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Pharmaceutical lawsuit
County commission file lawsuit against companies
Biologist comes up with an efficient way to measure the intensity of shocks by eel
We have always been captivated by the amazing capability of the eel fish to shock its prey but recent studies have cleared out that the eel has evolved over time to deliver much intense and painful shock to anyone threatening its habitat. These shocks mimic a Taser gun and are delivered by the eel by leaping into the air and directly feeding the current to the predators body.
Hurricane Irma Relief Effort Viral Photo
Sistina and TeNesha dish on the three Gainsville Police Officers who were helping with the Hurricane Irma Relief Efforts.

Rapid Climatic change brings sad news for coffee lovers

FPU Hurricane Irma Relief
Florida Public Utilities goes to help.
McElwain on Hurricane
McElwain on Hurricane
Craig Gregory, Krystal
Ty Wilson talks with Craig Gregory, about what hurricane Irma meant for Krystal, and about how they are trying to break a world record.


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