Sunday, July 15, 2018
Upcoming Events At The 2017 Champaign County Fair
Matt talks to 2017 Champaign County Fair Queen Claire Smith, 2017 Little Miss Champaign County Jordynn Huskisson, and Mike Kobel about the Champaign County Fair. Some of the upcoming events include: Friday, July 21 - Sprint Car Racing Monday, July 24 - Talent Show and Karaoke Contest Thursday, July 27 - Motor Madness Friday, July 28 - concert featuring Chris Young. The Champaign County Fair is part of the Illinois Association of Agricultural Fairs and features agriculture and livestock aspects
Celebrate Dairy Products in June
Your chance to learn more about farm fresh dairy products this month.
Top Mobile Accessories for Farm Workers
Prep your workforce for greater productivity.
Hailey school starts beekeeping project
The school bought them with a grant they got from Whole Foods. They hope the hives will help kids understand bees and make an impact on the community.
Cattle Prices Rising This Past Month
Cattle prices are about 10% higher than they have been this past month. Over the past year or so, they have continued to rise compared to 2014. In 2014, they fell dramatically after a peak high in 2011 and 2012. "They got up pretty high, higher than we've ever seen them." They are most likely high right now due to high demand, exports, and rain; says, Randy Carson, the owner of the Abilene Livestock Auction. "If you take a fat cattle there at a dollar 37, 38 right now, a month ago they were kindly a dollar 25 to 28." If it continues to rain, it will grow the grass and the grass is what feeds the cows. Herman Lloyd, a cattle rancher, says this is the cycle the market takes, much like the stock goes up and down. "Just like pulling down a limb on a tree, you pull it down so far and then when you turn it loose, it will swing back up" They are preparing for whatever is next while they enjoy this increase in prices.
Beekeeper Award
Beekeeping award
TNF: Ranching Heritage Center
TNF: Ranching Heritage Center
6AM LiveStock Show
6AM LiveStock Show
Livestock Show 5AM
Livestock Show 5AM
What is Aluminum Phosphate?
Why the loss of four young children in Amarillo is hitting close to home for one Lubbock mom,


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