Thursday, July 19, 2018
Virgin Islands call on Congress to share hurricane costs
“Today’s the day the United States Congress, the White House and everyday citizens must make a sustained commitment to the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico," Representative Stacey Plaskett from the US Virgin Islands said Thursday. Plaskett (D-USVI At Large) is standing up for the Virgin Islands on the steps of Capitol Hill. She said efforts to help her territory and Puerto Rico are just not enough.
IV Fluids low in the Basin
Hurricane Maria destroyed three main manufacturing plants, causing a nationwide shortage.
New movie theater opening at Edgewater Mall
A new state of the art movie theater is coming to Edgewater Mall in Biloxi. Officials say it will open next year. Biloxi hasn’t had a cinema of this kind since before Hurricane Katrina. Biloxi is known for its casino, beaches, resorts, and restaurants, but for years, the city’s entertainment line-up has been missing something. A brand new movie theater is planned to go up at Edgewater Mall and be completed by next November. Residents and Visitors are already excited. Louisiana Resident Marie DeYoung said, “I think it’s fantastic. I don’t go to casinos and I don’t even go for shows, but more of that kind of entertainment makes this an ideal place to visit for a family.” Premiere Cinemas will be built in the building that used to be Sears at the Edgewater Mall. The state of the art movie theater will have eight wall to wall digital screens and luxury reclining seats. Biloxi Resident Cameron Smith said, “I don’t go to the movies much just because of the drive. I feel like having one closer by would make me a lot more, I guess, up for going to the movie theater.” The cinema’s construction design includes plans to turn the pavement around where the new movie theater will stand into 20,000 square feet of landscaped green space. The addition will come with improvements to the food court and the mall’s entrances. All set to take place near the new restaurant called Barefoot Billy’s Grill and Bar which is scheduled to open early December. Edgewater Mall General Manager Terry Powell said, “It creates a great entertainment environment for the mall. This and some other things we’re anticipating for the future. In today’s retail environment you have to look outside the box.” When construction wraps up, the building will be filled with recliner seats. Get your popcorn ready, the grand opening is set for November 2018. “It’s one more feature for those who live locally and those who are visiting for a short little hop to entertain,” said DeYoung.

Sunrun Launches Brightbox™ Solar and Battery Storage Solution in Long Island



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