Monday, August 20, 2018
Workers in Berks
Learn about the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 743 in Reading PA.
Lexington Legends - New Technology
Lexington Legends - New Technology
Study Shows Google is Constantly Tracking You...But is that Really a Surprise
Study Shows Google is Constantly Tracking You...But is that Really a Surprise
The Healthy WAAY: Barostim to Beat Heart Failure
A device is being tested that could help patients avoid heart failure
Tech Byte: school products
Back to School tech for students in this week's Tech Byte
Space and Missile Symposium Begins
The Von Braun Center in Huntsville is host to the Space and Missile Symposium, a leading event for educational, professional development and networking for the space and missile defense community.
The Healthy WAAY: World's Tiniest Pacemaker
Cardiologists at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York are using a tiny wireless pacemaker in kids that's been recently approved
Fort Payne Council Meeting About Cameras
The Fort Payne City Council is meeting to discuss the need for adding cameras to the Cit Park to fight vandalism
Tracking Your Kid's Bus
WAAY 31's Sarah Singleterry reports on how parents can track their children's school bus via the Safe Stop Bus App

Have you heard about Twitch Prime
If you have Amazon Prime and your kids use it, chances are they have access to Twitch Prime. It’s a program that allows people to get free games, and the offers are different each month. So what exactly is it, and what games are offered this month on Twitch Prime? Sam, our favorite professional gamer, is here to answer all the questions so you have a better idea about what your kids are playing. To find out more about him, you can go to his gaming channel, (rated PG-13).
Dropping the Call
I've been cell phone service free since January 1st, and am breaking down the pros and cons, and giving you tips and tricks to living without a phone.
The Healthy WAAY: Pancreatic Cancer Treatment
Researchers now have a new tool to study the development of pancreatic cancer
Stargazing Apps: The Skies In Your Pocket
Tech guru PC Mike Wendland looks at popular stargazing apps that help you spot planets, constellations and more.
Learn to protect your phone from Cell Phone Repair
We always take our cell phones everywhere, but how can we protect them from water, heat, and other summer elements? Here to teach us how to protect our tech is James Moore and Scott Hill from Cell Phone Repair.
Protecting Your Family From Hackers
WAAY 31 Anchor Najahe Sherman talks with a ethical hacker about measures you can take to protect your family from being hacked
Lef Tech grant
technology grant
On Your Side - Robovacs under $300
If you have a full-size vacuum to deep-clean your carpets, you might consider getting a little helper for daily pickups.
Trooper Andy Sinquefield; Georgia State Patrol
Ty Wilson interviews Trooper Andy Singuefield about the new hands free law that will go into effect on July 1. For more information on the hands free law, visit
The Griffiss Business and Technology Park has a new sculpture and it’s drawing plenty of attention.


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