Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Hands On with the Nexus 10
Right before Christmas my tablet, an Iconia A500 died (just a couple weeks after the warranty ran out of course) and I was faced with the task of choosing its replacement. The timing was great because the latest iPad was out,several new Android tabs were being released and Microsoft was just about to start shipping the Surface. All have some very compelling aspects and I like all three platforms, but as I already have had several android tablets and a lot of apps for that system, my focus and ultimate decision was towards the Nexus 10 from Google. Since there were plenty of 'First Looks', 'Quick Peeks' and such being written already, I wanted to spend some more time with it before actually evaluating it. This review is really my perspective on using the tablet, what that experience has been like and finally was it worth the money.
Wacom's Bamboo Pocket Stylus
Today, Wacom introduced a brand new way to be creative on the go. The Bamboo Pocket Stylus is small enough to take with you everywhere, but has enough volume to feel like your professional stylus. The Bamboo Pocket Stylus fits your creativity wherever you are.
Take your tablet everywhere with you, safe in a snugly fitting bag. Bracketron makes a bunch of cool little devices to make your gadget life better in obvious ways, including clamps, holders and adhesives for your mobile media. Some stores started carrying little bags for your iPad - zippy plastic bags - which are $5 for 3 pieces. I had to take a look at these.
In the video world monitors are probably more critical than any everyday old computer monitor is. Serious photographers who play with Photoshop will know what I mean. Calibration is everything. Which leads me neatly to the BENQ GW2450 which landed on my desk today.
First Look: Parrot AR 2.0 Drone
Ostensibly, it is a ring around 3/4 metre across that is segmented into 4 internal circles each containing a rotor blade driven by a motor. A full charge lasts around 12 minutes and it can be controlled from an iPad, iPhone of Android App. Although this description sounds a bit rough, as the video and photos show, it is in fact very elegant in its design. And boy does it perform in the hands of a skilled operator. Spectacularly!
Corel VideoStudio Pro X5
While it is still fair to say that Corel has struggled in the video editing market, I suspect the latest carnation of VideoStudio Pro X5 will change all that. And oddly enough, I say this not because of any improvement over its standard video editing approach as this retains the 3 step approach that many programs of this type use - Capture, Edit, Share. No, not at all. This version has some truly ground breaking features.
Under the Hood: A Look Inside the Ultrabook
Take a look inside the ultrabook as we investigate the new devices power and versatility.
Quick Look: Nextbook Premium9 Tablet
It has a 9 inch Capacitive TFT screen that supports multitouch operation, a 1280x800 display and a front facing camera (2MP best suited for video calling but there as a camera if you need it). It comes with 4 GB memory, expandable to 32 GB via microSD ram. Has a G sensor so you can rotate to what ever view you prefer. Built in in speakers, WiFi and USB. OS is android 2.3.
Review: Samsung's Galaxy Nexus a sweet smartphone
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) ' As fans of Google's Android mobile software well know, each new version is named after a sugary treat, such as Gingerbread or Honeycomb. Android is about to get even sweeter with Ice Cream Sandwich ' a smooth, feature-rich operating system that will run first on the delectable Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone.

The combination of Google's s.....
DMO Launches All New Blog Zone!
DMO (Digital Media Online) has officially launched the all new Blog Zone blog portal (, the latest member of the DMO (Digital Media Net) portfolio of publications serving the digital media content creation market. Now utilizing the latest Wordpress blogging technology and offering hundreds of free blog themes, it is the perfect place for your Portfolio, Demo Reel, or Technology site!

Subjekt Headphones
I was looking for some audio accessories and took a look at three Subjekt audio headphones and earphones.
iPad2 GripStand 2 Bundle
The Newer Technology company makes a protective back and stand for your iPad 2. The Gripstand and GripBase pairing is a great way to watch your iPad content hands free, or, if you're a teacher, present items on the iPad to students without having to awkwardly holding it.
Who Says Magic Wands Are Not Real?
Anyway, approximately two years ago, a product appeared on Dragon's Den that is an absolute game changer. A pair of technical whizzes had created a device that replaced the remote control for almost any device you'd like to name; it was a magic wand a la Harry Potter!
OWC 16GB RAM and 240GB SSD Drive Upgrade for 2011 Mac mini
Other World Computing (OWC, sells some the best and most affordable upgrades for Mac users, such as RAM, hard drives and more. I've heard stories of just how fast a solid state drive (SSD) is compared to a standard drive found in a Mac, and I wanted to see for myself. More RAM and a faster hard drive is always great for video editors to work faster and more efficiently. Plus, can my new 2011 Mac mini really accept 16GB of RAM? Read on to find out.
The Steve Jobs Way
We know we don't often talk to you about book reviews but then it is seldom we read a book that is of widespread interest to our mutual audiences. As we note we're not Apple/Jobs fanboys but OMG we respect what they've done and in fact we're "a little" envious that they: - seem to do it so well so consistently - get more coverage by "accident" than the rest of us get by working hard for it
Reviews: Windows Unveils First Mango Based Smartphone
In Japan, Microsoft has unveiled the first smartphone that runs its long-awaited Mango operating system.
Can a Tablet Replace Your Laptop?
Its easy to covet a tablet, with its sleek design, portability and fast performance. But is all that enough to replace a laptop?
DVD Burning Software - Free vs Paid?
When you are evaluating the very best free software for DVD burning on Windows it's important to understand what is offered inside a free version over a paid version. While this article will explain several free burning apps and their benefits, I'll also explain a few paid options as well, as to what they offer over the freeware counterparts.
Tritton AX 120 Stereo Gaming Headset from Mad Catz
I've been an video editor for a long time, but I've also been a gamer for a long time as well, and much like in television, I've always stayed on top of the newest consoles (I have an XBOX 360 and a PS3), and trends in video games. Who would have thought that a simple crossover into my other passion, video gaming, would have been the lifesaver.
Mac Panasonic MOD Video Converter Enables You To Edit Panasonic SDR Series To IMovie Or FCP
Doremisoft Panasonic MOD Camcorder Video Converter for Mac users to convert or edit Panasonic SDR MOD video in Mac program like iMovie, FCE, FCP, etc.


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