Sunday, August 19, 2018
Police Warning for "Snap Map"
There's a new feature on the cell phone app "snapchat" that has police departments worried.
Pop Culture on Display
Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album sold about 66 million copies worldwide. The finale of “M*A*S*H” drew 125 million viewers. Super Hero comic books have dominated the shelves for decades. Hot Wheels cars are one of the most popular toys ever – with over four billion produced since the first was cast in 1968. What do these things have in common? They were all big newsmakers that defined pop culture back in the day. Many of them continue to shape trends today. Visitors will learn more about how these objects shape the trends in our lives and how they influence us at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis’ newest exhibit, The Galleries for American Arts & Popular Culture. The gallery features a permanent exhibit-American POP, and a temporary exhibit that will change with regularity to accompany American POP. It opens with DANCE! They both opened on June 17, 2017. Heather talks to Leslie Olsen from the Indianapolis Children's Museum about the pop culture on display at the museum. The permanent exhibit —American POP will be divided into four categories: Toys and Games: Consumers demand toys that can be personalized to reflect their interests and personalities. Objects that help tell a family’s story could include homemade Barbie clothes, “adoptable” Cabbage Patch dolls, and Build-a-Bear stuffed animals. TV, Film, and Music: Some shows, songs, and movies remain popular across generations. Examples of stories that have survived the test of time include The Wizard of Oz, holiday TV specials, or the Star Trek television series or Star Wars movie props and even Lady Gaga’s shoes. Fashion and Textiles: Fashion trends can be a reflection of cultural values, technology, or events of the time. Poodle skirts to miniskirts, leggings and cowboy boots are just a few examples of how styles have changed and in some cases returned over time. Comics, Art, and Literature: How do we use popular culture? Families also surround themselves with products, merchandise, and reading material that reflects their personality and sense of identity or values. How do lunchboxes, backpacks, or cellphone covers define someone’s personality? The museum has more than 14,000 comic books in its Max Simon Collection. DANCE! is a separate temporary exhibit that opens alongside The Galleries for American Arts & Popular Culture. There, families will have an opportunity to learn many different types of dance moves as well as how those dances tell a story, express emotions, and build relationships. Extraordinary costumes from famous dancers on TV or in the movies and objects that exemplify the hard work that goes into dance rehearsal will be on display. Some of the dances through the decades that will be featured include: The Charleston (20s-30s) Swing (40s) Twist (50s-60s) Hustle (70s) Macarena (80s-90s) Chicken Noodle Soup (2000s to present) The museum has a new pricing model called “Plan Ahead Pricing.” If you want to visit, go online, or call the box office as far in advance as possible to buy tickets early and save
Can WDBJ7 anchor Logan Sherrill survive without a cellphone?
WDBJ7 has issued Logan Sherrill to go seven days without a cellphone.
Must-Have Accessories for the Mobile Workforce
Nine gadgets that will keep’em working and happy on the road
BYOD Pros and Cons
Here are the pros and cons of having your employees use their personal cell phone as their business phone.
Murray heads into stands
Cell phone video appears to show Alaska Aces head coach Rob Murray in the stands with multiple people holding him back after a 5-2 loss at home Saturday.
Tech Talk: Cell phone etiquette
Mandy talks about cell phone etiquette
Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth Speaker
NTT DoCoMo demos VR control of robots over 5G
While next-generation 5G cellular will bring faster downloads for consumers, the new networking technology is poised to bring big benefits to business users enabling new users for cellular networks.

Anaheim Police Officer Video
Cell phone video of Anaheim off-duty officer and teen during a tussle
E-Logs: What Your Fleet Business Needs To Know To Be Compliant
Is your business ready to meet the December 18, 2017 deadline?
Telemarketing phone calls
How to stop telemarketers from calling your cell phone
Why You Need to Separate Your Personal and Business Expenses
Here is all you need to know to avoid tax pain.
Protect Your Business: 7 Mobile Security Solutions Your Company Needs to Know Now
Here are the best ways you can use technology to protect your company's phones and computers and how you can chwart off the hackers.
Data: Choosing The Best Cell Phone Plan For Your Business
There are an array of data plans for business leaders, but which one is right for your business? Mobile workforce communications is essential in this day and age and knowing which data plan suits your needs will help your business grow.
Options in the Twin Falls area for recycling cell phones
You may have gotten a new cell phone for Christmas, but what are you going to do with the old one?
Best Tips for Water Conservation in Agriculture
Thanks to sensory technology and new gadgets farmers now have an array of choices to conserve water on their farms while cutting their costs.


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