Saturday, November 18, 2017
iPhone Tip #6 - Extra Keyboards
Are you one of those people who likes to add emoticons to your email and text messages? Or you've seen it and wondered how people do that? If so, did you know there is an entire keyboard which is dedicated to emoji which you can enable and access instantly while texting conversations, etc? Here's how to do it.
iPhone Tip #5 - Easy Email Tricks and Features
Are you the type of person who writes a lot of draft emails but has trouble finding them? You like to check for new mail but don't want to push a button to do so? Want to add an image within an email on your iPhone? Read on!
Creating iPhone Text MSG Shortcuts!
Sometimes when texting you find that you will often type the same common phrase or a long URL, and writing it over and over each time can be tiresome. Well did you know, that you can actually create keyboard shortcuts that will represent those phrases or other combinations of key strokes? It's a really handy trick that you'll find you'll have lots of uses for. Here's how you do it!
Using iCloud With Photo Stream
Photo Stream allows you to take a photo on any iOS device, or import a photo from your digital camera to your computer. Then, utilizing Apple's iCloud, Photo Stream instantly pushes a copy of that photo over any available Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection to the Photos app on your iOS devices, iPhoto on you or the Pictures Library on your PC.
iPhone Camera Editing Tips
In the latest iOS software update. some editing functions are built right onto the screen for each picture, so you don't have to go out to a third party app unless you're doing something more than basic. Select a picture you want to correct and then tap on the Edit button at the top right of the screen - that will bring up the editing functions.
iPhone Hidden Camera Features
Since we are mobile app developers at Rev Up Transmedia, we wanted to offer you some cool tips on hidden features and short cuts for your iPhone and iPad. We'll be adding more tricks each week so bookmark this page for easy access! Here are some great suggestions to make using the iPhone camera easier. You know, of course, that the camera icon on the home screen (iOS5) now allows you to instantly access the camera without even having to unlock the iPhone.
Searching by Metadata in Photoshop Elements 4.0
Photoshop Elements 4.0 offers a range of ways to find specific photos in your collections. The more common methods include finding images by media type, caption, history, and by filename.
Accessing Camera Archive Data for Other Programs
A Camera Archive is a complete back up of the contents of a videotape (for tape-based cameras), or a memory card or hard drive (for file-based cameras). Normally the video in a camera archive is only accessible from within Final Cut Pro, but what if you need to use some of the archived video in another editing program? You could import the needed video into Final Cut Pro and then export it from a project, but that is quite a bit of work. With a bit of care video from a camera archive can be made available to be imported directly into other software, and this tutorial will show you how.
Creating a Camera Archive
Creating a camera archive creates a backup that frees your camera or capture media for reuse, preserves and protects your media for future use (this should also be enhanced with more traditional backup options like Mac OS X's Time Machine), and finally the camera archive feature helps preserve the date structure used by your camera to make it easier to store and access your video files. A camera archive can be easily mounted (in some cases automatically) and the video imported at any time.
Importing from iPhoto or Aperture
If you are an avid user of iPhoto or Aperture, Apple's consumer and professional photo management tools you probably have shoeboxes worth of photos, all carefully organized, cropped, color adjusted, keyword tagged, and now just crying to be seen. Somewhere. Anywhere?

Importing from iMovie
It's possible you may have dabbled with video editing in iMovie, that it was your first introduction into video editing. If so, then you can easily bring those iMovie gems to a whole new luster by importing the events and projects you created in iMovie directly into Final Cut Pro. Once there, you can take advantage of all the high-end new features that iMovie could only aspire to have. There are two ways to import iMovie assets into Final Cut Pro, either import just the iMovie Events, or import the iMovie projects. This tutorial explains how to do both.
Seven Steps to Getting the Most Out of Your Personal Video Camera
It's not unusual to be a little unsure of how to proceed when you start using a new device and so you may find yourself struggling to figure out exactly how to use the footage you've shot with your camera in Vegas Pro or Vegas Movie Studio. The process can really be broken down into seven general steps, so let's take a look at those steps now.
Just in time ... six (unofficial) rules to live by when using Facebook
Over 700 million users on Facebook have faced this dilemma ... confirm or ignore a friend request. We've all been there, weighing the options of allowing yet another friend into our lives. Some may be nonchalant about adding friends, "the more the merrier." Other users may be more selective, only allowing "specific" friends into their lives. One thing they all have in common... there aren't many rules when it comes to Facebook.
Basics for Working with DVD Video
On a typical day I usually receive around 5-7 emails about how to do a certain DVD burning tasks. To me these are simple answers and over the years I just assumed that the answers I was providing is now common knowledge. However this is clearly not the case as more and more people are just starting to get familiar with their DVD burners. So I decided to write about some of the hidden 'secrets' that everyone should know about while working with your DVD burner.
As a father of three and founder of Kidworth, Rudy DeFelice is familiar with the issue of when parents should start addressing kids' financial literacy. The answer may surprise some. Here's a hint: most parents don't start early enough. Given uncertain economic conditions, the rising cost of education and threats to many government programs and it has never been more important to get it right..
A Child's Health
Sitting "properly" is not a science; all you need to do is observe a few basic rules concerning the sitting position and desks in general:
TechInsider - Black Friday
Black Friday probably scares today's online, mass merchants, electronics retailers, warehouse clubs more than ghosts and goblins. They're determined to have a good 4th quarter sellng period. So are the manufacturers. Bundles, specials, deals for consumers not just in the U.S. but around the globe. Check for the online flyers, specials, coupons. Take your smartphone and barcode app with you to double check you're getting the best deal. Show the sales team if there's a better price elsewhere. They'll 'work with you!' Start checking now.
eBay Essential Training: Proxy Bidding
In this clip, host Mark Abdelnour takes a look at proxy bidding. He discusses the strategy and how it works. He also discusses the maximum bid, and when to use Proxy bidding.
QuickBooks Pro Essential Training: Part 10 of 10
In the Easy Step Interview QuickBooks asks us a series of questions that allow part of the features to be turned on that would best be utilized by our business. During that time you may or may not have been sure of the answers to your questions. Either A, you turned features on that you really don't need or B, you didn't turn on the features that you really do need.
QuickBooks Pro Essential Training: Part 9 of 10
We're going to be defaulting a lot to referencing to the dropdown menus and the Navigation bar as far as directing you where to find all of these different functions within the software. So let's cover that first before we get involved in all the other aspects.


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