Wednesday, April 23, 2014
If there's ever an Oceans 14, we think we know which casino Danny Ocean will rob! Actor, hunk, and longtime activist George Clooney recently sat down for a fancy dinner with billionaire hotel mogul Steve Wynn. According to George, the two of them wound up discussing politics and that's when everything went awful. He says Wynn cursed out President Obama while debating the merits of the Affordable Care Act, an   [READ MORE]
Vice President Joe Biden visited Ukraine in a show of solidarity Tuesday. The United States is revealing a more solidified plan to help the government by offering aid and loans just before its election in May. However much larger questions about the stability of the Ukrainian economy persist.   [READ MORE]
Anti-Keystone Protesters Trot Into Washington
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Cattle ranchers, landowners, and representatives of Native American tribes marched and rode on horseback to the National Mall in protest of the Keystone XL pipeline.   [READ MORE]
Colorado lawmakers are moving to tighten laws governing the sale of marijuana-infused edibles, an issue that has gained attention following two deaths possibly linked to the ingestion of cannabis products, the measures' main sponsor said on Tuesday. The state House of Representatives this week unanimously passed a bill limiting the amount of concentrated marijuana that can be sold, and another bill requiring more specific labeling of pot-laced products, such as candies and baked goods. Rep.   [READ MORE]
McCain: Current Foreign Policy Is Too Passive
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Arizona Sen. John McCain talks with WSJ's Sara Murray on the crisis in Syria, and calls Obama administration "passive" in how it has addressed this situation and the current situation with Russia and Ukraine. Photo: Getty.   [READ MORE]
Although the United States is weighing heavier sanctions across the Russian economy, its president, Vladimir Putin, has much control over the European energy market, and a growing supplier power in trade with Asian countries.   [READ MORE]
President Obama took an important step before this weeks visit to Asia by bringing together Japanese and South Korean leaders for a trilateral summit at The Hague a few weeks ago. That meeting sent a crucial message that the president should hammer home at every opportunity in Asia this week: for the Obama administrations rebalancing strategy toward Asia to be successful, America and its allies must work more closely with each other.   [READ MORE]

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