Sunday, February 07, 2016
by Clip Syndicate
Viewers tune into the Super Bowl, not just for the game or the commercials, but for the entertainment. NewsChannel 9 lists the five greatest Halftime Shows, according to USA Today.  [READ MORE]
According to TMZ, Chris Brown's baby mama claims that he and his friends have been smoking weed and cigarettes around their baby Royalty, and all the second hand smoke gave her asthma - but he denies the accusation, saying she's just going for a money grab.  [READ MORE]
entertainment thursday
by Clip Syndicate
entertainment thursday  [READ MORE]
Kristen Stewart just let it be known where she stands on the gender pay gap in Hollywood, saying it makes sense that male actors make more money because their movies earn more.  [READ MORE]
Miley Cyrus is reportedly set to star in Woody Allen's new TV show that will air on Amazon's streaming service.  [READ MORE]
Forbes released their list for highest paid actresses of 2015, and some of the top earners are Tina Fey, Minday Kaling, Sofia Vergara, and Kaley Cuoco.  [READ MORE]
Matt Damon weighed in on the Oscar controversy, calling the lack of minority nominees, shameful and embarrassing.  [READ MORE]

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