Monday, February 20, 2017
by Clip Syndicate
Seth Rogen found out Donald Trump Jr. followed him on Twitter, so he asked him to tell his dad to go back to being just a guy on TV.   [READ MORE]
Nina Agdal revealed that when she came to the states six years ago, she was crying in the airport with only $40 in her pocket.   [READ MORE]
Lena Dunham gave an interview with Rolling Stone where she says she supports Taylor Swift's decision not to speak out against President Donald Trump.   [READ MORE]
The opening of Kylie Jenner's pop-up shop, Kylie Cosmetics in New York City, saw thousands of fans waiting in the street with three city blocks getting shut down for the event.   [READ MORE]
Sarah Silverman thought she was pointing out that somebody has sprayed swastikas on the sidewalk. Turns out they were construction markings and the internet then proceeded to pounce on her relentlessly.   [READ MORE]
During a morning interview, Russell Brand revealed that he won't force a gender on his newborn daughter and will instead just see how she formulates it herself.   [READ MORE]
Sarah Silverman found herself in enough hot water to walk back a tweet that urged for a military coup against President Trump. She admits she wrote it out of fear and promised to try and keep her feelings in check.   [READ MORE]

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