Tuesday, August 21, 2018
by Clip Syndicate
Today the Salvation Army celebrated a milestone in the life of their family store. The family store located in Gulfport has had its doors open for business for a year now and so the Salvation Army family celebrated the one year birthday of the store with a ceremonial ribbon cutting and fashion show. Family stores are very important to the work of the Salvation Army and when items are donated or people shop at the family stores, they support the Salvation Army’s food pantry, family shelter, and outreach programs. Major Bradley Caldwell said, “We have seen very good traffic, very good returns, and I think we are above budget at this point so we are doing what we intended to do and a little bit more. “ Major Anita Caldwell said, “This is a great store and as we walk through ourselves, find great things, and the fashion show how many great items, dresses, all kinds of things are right here in the store.”   [READ MORE]
Women face many challenges in their business careers and once again this year WISC TV and Madison Magazine are partnering with SVA to celebrate women in business and encourage local connections and growth opportunities at the Women in Business Initiative breakfast.   [READ MORE]
Effective Advertising
by Clip Syndicate
One thing all business owners want to know is how to increase traffic into their business. When you begin to research how to do that, you find all kinds of answers that can be quite confusing. In my opinion there are a few tips that can help any business clear up the confusion and find success. Every advertising strategy should include multiple different media types. I will call this sort of strategy "cross- platform advertising". Cross-platform advertising consists of using television, digital, radio, print, etc.. simultaneously to reach a higher number of people versus concentrating on one medium. As technology advances it has made it easier to reach the exact people you want to target. Let me give an example; do you think that someone would keep your business top of mind if they only saw you once a week? What if they saw you at 7 p.m. during their favorite prime television show, got on Facebook to talk about their evening and saw your digital ad, and then got up the next morning driving to work and heard your ad on the radio? Who would be top of mind? If you want your business to grow you must dominate your market and become the top of mind business you want to be. Lastly the make or break of any great advertising strategy is your call to action. You could be present in different types of mediums and have the wrong call to action and the strategy would fail. The best recommendation would be having your call to action consistent across the various platforms you are advertising with. Remember to speak directly to your audience as if you are inviting them right into your business for the best deal in town.   [READ MORE]
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Post-season baseball returns to Biloxi with the 2018 Conference USA Tournament beginning Wednesday at MGM Park. The heavily favored Southern Miss Golden Eagles fell to Rice in the championship game last year. The Eagles just clenched the regular season conference title and will be looking to take back the trophy. Overtime Sports brought the tournament to the Coast. They tell News 25 that in the past an average of 16,000 people attended the tournament in Hattiesburg. Last year, MGM Park saw 21,000 fans. Tim Bennett with Overtime Sports said, “This is good for the whole community, the whole coast. When we put this whole deal together, the governor and I talked about bringing in C-USA; that was part of the deal. The city certainly sees the benefit because of the service charge on the tickets, the increased tax revenue from food purchases and heads in beds. At any given time, just with the teams alone, we have 160-200 room nights just with the baseball teams coming in, but having the tournament here in this park, the national television coverage that we have. Last year, over 48 million people got to see Biloxi, some for the very first time.” Tickets are available online at Ticketfly.com or onsite at MGM Park’s south entrance box office.   [READ MORE]
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A television show is set to film its pilot in Downtown Macon next month.   [READ MORE]

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