Thursday, August 28, 2014
by Clip Syndicate
Apparently, Claire Danes missed out on the Kimye wedding extravaganza. Homeland star headed to the 2014 Emmy Awards Monday night in a gorgeous sleeveless Givenchy gown. Turns out, it looked awfully similar to the dress Kim Kardashian wore as she said "I Do   [READ MORE]
Looking for inspiration for your Crazy K race fashion??   [READ MORE]
Laird Hamilton is a surfing legend and legends never die — even, apparently when they tempt fate on massive waves before a beach full of gobsmacked onlookers. In a recent video posted to YouTube, a man purported to be Hamilton, who news reports confirm has been in the area, caught a huge wave at Surfrider Beach in Malibu before shooting the pier like a true daredevil. "Shooting the pier," in surfing lingo, means to ride a wave through the gaps in a pier's support posts.   [READ MORE]
Bring on the bling! Nicky Hilton hasn't been shy about flaunting her blinding sparkler since her engagement was revealed earlier this month. And now, Kathryn Clark from Eshed Diamonds is giving E! News the breakdown on Ms. Hilton's massive rock. Clark says "The carat size looks between 6 to 8 carats, and the shape looks square which could be a royal asscher cut." Now the most pressing question: How much does the sparkler cost? Clark estimates the ring falls in the hefty $500,000 to $800,000 range. The 30-year-old is engaged to longtime beau James Rothschild, British heir to the European banking family.

Five months after Kim Kardashian scored her first Vogue cover with husband Kanye West , Kendall Jenner has managed to nab a spot in the pages of America's fashion bible. Of course, it's not a cover, but it is a major fashion spread in the September issue—you know, the publication's biggest edition of the year. The star also landed next month's cover for Teen Vogue. This is actually the second time Kendall has made an appearance in a Vogue magazine. Back in May, she shot a spread for French Vogue.

Spanish clothing manufacturer Zara withdrew a striped sailor's tee shirt for children on Wednesday because it bore a yellow star resembling a star which Nazis forced European Jews to wear. The blue and white striped smock-like garment bore a large, six-pointed star on the chest and had been available for a short time on Zara's website until outrage prompted the company to withdraw it. "The original star was inspired by the star worn by the sherif in (cowboy) Westerns" which also has six points," a company spokeswoman said. "We understand the sensitivity of the subject" and "of course we apologise to our customers," the Zara spokeswoman added.

The Spanish fashion retailer Zara apologized for and pulled a kids' T-shirt from its website on Wednesday after many on social media pointed out it strongly resembled a Nazi concentration camp uniform. The company listed the sheriff shirt on its website for $22 as part of a fashion collection. But the long-sleeved shirt featured a yellow star to the left of the chest, which is reminiscent of the six-point Jewish Star of David. In some camps during the Holocaust, Jews were marked by a yellow triangle over a red triangle to form the Star of David; in others, a yellow star identified them as Jewish.


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