Sunday, May 28, 2017
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Kaley Cuoco is expanding her farm load of animals! This time, she adopted an adorable mini pony named Schmooshy.   [READ MORE]
National Pet Month
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Matt talks to Dan Ahart from Menards about pet needs. Menards offers many pet products to help take care of the animal family members. Dan also talks about the need for donations and the foods that are safe to feed pets..   [READ MORE]
Too Many Kittens
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As Spring time arrives, so do a lot of baby animals. Kittens are born most often when the warmer seasons roll around. Fifty percent of pets are born naturally, so the only true way to slow this influx down is to spay and neuter. One way can help with the large influx of kittens is for people to foster them into their home until a rightful owner is found. The shelter could also use volunteers to help bottle feed and socialize the cats that are already in the shelter. Times are tough this time of year but it is still a breath of fresh air. James Hafner/Joplin Humane Volunteer Coordinator and Alice Waters/Joplin Humane Adoption Specialist: "I think it's very exciting though because you get to see life happening. All these kittens that come out that just requires some extra attention. And being able to provide that is so special." The shelter is also in need of cat formula, Pati Cat Food and ground Pedigree Puppy Food at the center.   [READ MORE]
Gifting Easter Pets
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The responsibility of gifting Easter pets.   [READ MORE]
PetNet is back with two dogs looking for forever homes.   [READ MORE]
Obesity and pets
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Emilie Ikeda reports   [READ MORE]
Dr. Graham from the U of I talks health benefits of using acupuncture on our pets.   [READ MORE]

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