Thursday, March 26, 2015
by Clip Syndicate
The Centre for Research in Natural Sciences (CRSN), based in Lwiro, south of the Nyiragongo volcano, radiates enthusiasm for furthering scientific research but faces a pitiful lack of means. Duration: 00:59   [READ MORE]
LAFAYETTE, LA (KADN) - Lafayette has been ranked as number 19 in Milken Institute’s best-performing cities for 2014. The institute study says Lafayette displays continued strength in the energy sector, specifically demonstrating success in the area of high technology. We spoke with Chief Administrative Officer Dee Stanley who says LUS Fiber has played large role in helping not only large business strengthen, but also has kept small businesses competitive. “Whether they are a consulting company or whether they are in the medical business or in the oil field and engineering, they are moving this enormous amount of data.” said Stanley. “They are able to do it in speeds that no other cities are seeing, including Silicon Valley and the West Coast. It really makes those businesses players in a competitive market.” Lafayette scored well in five-year job growth coming in at number 14, five-year wages and salaries growth coming in at 9th, one-year wages and salaries growth at number 12, and also 12th among the 200 cities determined to be larger cities. The top performing city of 2014 was San Francisco with Baton Rouge being the only other Louisiana City to make the list at 21.   [READ MORE]
US President Barack Obama defended his health care reforms Wednesday as he marked the fifth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, known as 'Obamacare'. Duration: 00:57   [READ MORE]
Bryant and Stratton College joined Jim and Sistina to discuss the booming health care industry and how they can help you on your career path!   [READ MORE]
The business and education communities are joining forces to develop a new higher education center that will help students find jobs, give biotech companies skilled workers and support the local economy.   [READ MORE]
More than half of the population of the South Pacific island nation Vanuatu has been affected by Cyclone Pam, the category-five storm that slammed into the island nation on March 13 killing at least 11 people, according to the UN. Duration: 01:00   [READ MORE]
Drone Technology
by Clip Syndicate
Rapid City, S.D. - Students on the "Unmanned aerial vehicle team" are exploring the frontier of aerial robotics and developing new technologies for use in both commercial and military unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAV's. Along with mechanical engineering Professor Dr. Dan Dolan and others, the group draws from a wide number of fields and is working on the cutting edge of a new technology that Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx says is "advancing at an unprecedented pace."   [READ MORE]

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