Friday, October 31, 2014
by Clip Syndicate
Humanity is one step closer to reaching Mars. NASA finished up its Orion Spacecraft Thursday, and its preparing for a test flight on Dec. 4. When Orion launches in December, aboard a Delta IV Heavy rocket, it will complete a 4.5-hour, two-orbit test flight. The flight will really put Orion to the test. NASA says the spacecraft will return   [READ MORE]
The Keep A Child Alive Black Ball was held in New York City and all eyes were on the charity's co-founder Alicia Keys. The charity aims to raise awareness and funds for children and families living with HIV and Aids.   [READ MORE]
Tom Ford will not—and cannot—forget living through the early days of the AIDS epidemic. "I moved to New York in 1979 just before my 18th birthday," the legendary designer remembered at last night's amfAR Inspiration Gala, where he was honored with the Award of Inspiration. "Of my close friends at NYU, more than half of them had died from AIDS by 1990. "I remember the fear of the early 1980s," Ford continued.   [READ MORE]
Bill Cosby won't be promoting his new comedy tour on Queen Latifah 's talk show ... because the Queen and her crew got cold feet after rape allegations resurfaced. Comedian Hannibal Buress called Cosby out last week during a stand up set ... wondering out loud if people remembered Bill had been accused of rape by 13 women over the years. Production sources tell us Latifah honchos didn't want the association so they 86'd Cosby. As for Latifah ... good thing Jon Cryer is still booked.

The Rio 2016 local organizing committee set a target on Thursday to offset the total amount of greenhouse gases estimated to be produced by the world's largest multi-sport event. The Olympic Games are expected to generate 3.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, mostly due to traveling and accommodation of spectators. Organizers of large sports events such as the Olympics and the soccer World Cup have tried to reduce their carbon footprints in a response to criticism from environmental groups.

Swiss founded startup NaturalCycle, which has been testing its contraception app in the Nordics since last December has now opened it up to the U.K. market, making its first move to scale the subscription service which aims to offer women an alternative to hormone based contraception methods such as the pill. The app works in conjunction with a basal body thermometer to give the user an indication of safe days to have sex if they’re not trying to get pregnant.   [READ MORE]
Nintendo Co. is hoping to revive its flagging fortunes with a better night’s sleep. With its console-videogame business facing growing challenges from free games played on smartphones, the Japanese company said Thursday that it was adding a new business line—health care—starting with a service next year that tracks users’ sleeping patterns. The service will track users’ shut-eye via a new, sensor-equipped device.


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