Monday, July 27, 2015
by Clip Syndicate
The world's most advanced malaria vaccine got the nod Friday from European regulators, despite mixed trial results, for eventual use in children in African countries plagued by the killer disease.  [READ MORE]
Carle is hosting parish nursing classes in August and September.  [READ MORE]
Astronauts from Russia, Japan and the United States docked successfully with the International Space Station on Thursday, less than six hours after they launched.  [READ MORE]
Three astronauts aboard a Soyuz spacecraft successfully launched towards the International Space Station on Thursday after a two-month delay caused by a Russian rocket failure.  [READ MORE]
Polio survivors in Nigeria are learning carpentry and metalwork skills to produce wheelchairs, which are helping the lives of disabled people like themselves  [READ MORE]
Three astronauts set to travel to the International Space Station, voiced faith in Russia's space programme despite a delay to their trip caused by the failed launch of a cargo ship.  [READ MORE]
How Big Data is Changing Healthcare
by Nick Pell for America's Backbone Weekly
Big data can help health care businesses proactively assess costs, health status and risk for your patient populations.  [READ MORE]

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