Saturday, August 30, 2014
by Clip Syndicate
For generations, Detroit was America’s stronghold. It was the country’s hub for auto manufacturing, where good hard work led to reward; a place where the American dream lived and thrived and was woven into the very fabric of the city. Decades of a   [READ MORE]
An experimental treatment used to treat two sick American missionaries saved a batch of monkeys infected with Ebola virus, even days after they got sick. What works in monkeys doesn’t always work in humans, but it’s a piece of good news for the makers of ZMapp, a cocktail of engineered antibodies meant to boost the body’s defenses against the virus.   [READ MORE]
In trading on Friday, music & electronics stores shares were relative leaders, up on the day by about 2.7%. Leading the group were shares of Radioshack (RSH), up about 17.9% and shares of Conns (CONN) up about 1.3% on the day.   [READ MORE]
The past week has seen the highest increase of Ebola cases since the outbreak in West Africa began, the World Health Organization said Friday, offering more evidence that the crisis is worsening. WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO)'S ASSISTANT DIRECTOR-GENERAL FOR POLIO, EMERGENCIES AND COUNTRY COLLABORATION, BRUCE AYLWARD: According to an official count, so far it has killed more than 1,500 of the 3,000 people it has sickened in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. The U.N. health agency said Thursday it assumes that in many hard-hit areas, the actual number of cases may be two to four times higher than is currently reported.

The Icelandic Met Office has raised its aviation warning level near the Bardarbunga volcano to red after an eruption began overnight. Scientists said a fissure eruption 1km long started in a lava field north of the Vatnajokull glacier. Civil protection officials said Icelandic Air Traffic Control had closed the airspace above the eruption up to a height of 5,000ft. The volcano has been hit by several recent tremors.   [READ MORE]
Google Inc is developing airborne drones capable of flying on their own and delivering everything from candy to medicine, the Internet company said on Thursday. The effort, which Google calls Project Wing, will take years of development to create a service with multiple vehicles flying multiple deliveries per day, Google said.   [READ MORE]
According to a poll released Thursday, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has gained ground on challengers heading into an election this fall, but the boost was coupled with fresh claims about inappropriate behavior.   [READ MORE]

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