Sunday, February 07, 2016
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Rescuers race against time to free more than 100 people still buried beneath the rubble of apartment blocks felled by a powerful earthquake in southern Taiwan that left 18 dead.   [READ MORE]
Relatives of residents trapped in a 16-storey apartment complex felled by a powerful earthquake in Taiwan that killed 14 people are praying for miracles as rescuers seek survivors, with more than 150 missing in the quake zone.   [READ MORE]
The Career Center has received an X-Carve machine, that was donated by the digital manufacturing company Inventables, after students of the computer technology program submitted a video, sharing how they would use the 3-D carver if they won.   [READ MORE]
Nine months after a massive earthquake hit Nepal, thousands of survivors are now fighting sub-zero temperatures in flimsy temporary shelters, awaiting government help to rebuild their homes. The threat of landslides had forced families in the remote village of Laprak, close to the quake's epicentre in western Nepal, to relocate to a site a thousand metres higher.   [READ MORE]
by Clip Syndicate
Dental Health Care 020316
by Clip Syndicate
Dental Health Care 020316   [READ MORE]
The Ueno zoo in Tokyo staged a fake animal escape on Tuesday with a caretaker dressed up as a life-size zebra wandering the park alleys, a drill designed to prepare for possible damage caused by earthquakes.   [READ MORE]

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