Wednesday, July 26, 2017
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Tornado near Sanger   [READ MORE]
EF-0 tornado
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Justina Latimer reports   [READ MORE]
MonCo tornado VOSOT LIVE
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Emilie Ikeda reports LIVE   [READ MORE]
Pascagoula Mayor Elect Dane Maxwell says his close relationship with President Donald Trump and Lt. Governor Tate Reeves is why he’ll lead the city in the right direction. Maxwell tells News 25 he wants to run Pascagoula like a business, clean up the city, and move the small business feel of Anchor Square to Market Street to bring more traffic to that area. He wants to bring in new businesses, but also support those already in the city. With President Trump’s promise to increase our Navy by about 80 ships, the mayor-elect says Ingalls and the city plan to take full advantage of the economic impact it will bring. “The build up for the ships. You know I worked for President Trump for 16 months and he’s adamant about increasing that and Ingalls is one of the best shipyards in the world. Certainly we’re going to get some of that in our pipeline. You know, we visit the White House in August. They’re going to do a day for the Pascagoula City Council. That’s going to be on top of my agenda to make sure Ingalls is taken care of when I get there.” Also topping Mayor Elect Maxwell’s to do list in Pascagoula: continue his work with the White House and FEMA to reduce flood costs in the city and bring in city ordinances to remove slabs left behind by Hurricane Katrina.   [READ MORE]
Minor League coach raising funds for area tornado victims   [READ MORE]
Arnold Schwarzenegger was just one of the celebs speaking out against President Donald Trump after he pulled out of the Paris climate change accord. Katy Perry, JK Rowling, and Michael Moore also joined in the argument.   [READ MORE]
Today, Governor Phil Bryant announced the creation of the Ocean Task Force during a ceremonial executive order signing in Gulfport. News 25’s Kendra Turley takes us inside the Combat Readiness Training Center to hear more on the one-of-a-kind task force. Mississippi reinforced its commitment to the U.S. Navy and the Maritime Industry with the creation of a one-of-a-kind Ocean Task Force. Governor Phil Bryant said, “And what we will do is not only look at the military application, but the commercial applications to help build the economy and add more jobs on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.” State officials announced the new task force in front of military personnel and oceanography officials at the Combat Readiness Training Center in Gulfport. Rear Admiral Timothy C. Gallaudet said,“The purpose is to advance our undersea warfare capability. Our ability to understand the ocean and to exploit it and to stay ahead of our competition like Russia and China." Officials say Mississippi is the perfect location to take such a visionary step because of the 80 miles of shoreline available for use. Ocean Task Force Chair Monty Graham said, “So, we’re trying to pull all of that together in a way where you don’t think of it as spread out over 80 miles, but everybody is working together across this Coast for this one purpose of building up this technology based industry.” Additionally, the task force will provide recommendations on how the state can quickly facilitate the training necessary to develop a local workforce to support the unmanned maritime systems industry. “These vessels will be manufactured in and along the Gulf Coast. I’ve said for years we are the best shipbuilders in America. We just need to build more of them and the future is the autonomous sub-service vessels,” said Governor Bryant.   [READ MORE]

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