Sunday, May 28, 2017
Take a ride on the Hurricane Train, a one-of-a-kind ride through Alaska backcountry and the last flag stop train in the United States.   [READ MORE]
MT. VERNON, Mo. - Around 4 pm Friday, Bill Ross was watching it rain until the winds started blowing really hard. In the blink of an eye, a suspected tornado moved a 1/4 mile or so northeast parallel to i-44. It snapped some trees and smashed through the Wallace Cattle Company farm. The storm ripped off a roof, sending debris hundreds of yards north and across i-44. Ross says he can't believe some of the damage he saw. "When we pulled up there was a lady sitting in her car and there was a 2x4 literally through her window of her car," Ross explained. "It looked like one of those barns shot across the front of so. It's definitely crazy." Despite all the damage, emergency crews were able to clean things up fairly quickly.   [READ MORE]
Lubbock Tornado 1970
by Clip Syndicate
Lubbock Tornado 1970   [READ MORE]
Lindale athletes help tornado affected Canton family   [READ MORE]
Tornado Economy
by Clip Syndicate
Friday marks 3 years   [READ MORE]
In today's medical headlines.... why air pollution may raise the risk of heart disease... and the dangerous effects of unemployment.   [READ MORE]

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