Tuesday, November 21, 2017
The robots are made from a number of rods and cables allowing them to easily adapt to moving through challenging terrains and making it much easier for them to be dropped onto the surface of planets than current rovers.   [READ MORE]
NewsChannel 9's Cool Schools finds out what it would be like to land on other planets. Visit Frazer Elementary in Syracuse as they learn about space travel.   [READ MORE]
The U.S. Air Force's top-secret autonomous space plane, the X-37B, is days away from breaking its own longevity record. The aircraft, which looks like a mini Space Shuttle, is on schedule next week to spend its record-setting 675th day in orbit, but we still don't know much about what it's doing up there.   [READ MORE]
Woman Wins Moondust Fight with NASA   [READ MORE]
NewsChannel 9's Cool Schools meets with future engineers as they get their first experience at the M.O.S.T.. Students are learning the tricks of the trade from special guests from NASA.   [READ MORE]

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