Wednesday, July 26, 2017
by Clip Syndicate
A UAF graduate helped create a virtual reality tour of the International Space Station.   [READ MORE]
Moon Express plans to be the first commercial company to make it to the moon in 2017.   [READ MORE]
NASA's latest way to get extraterrestrial samples back to Earth basically involves poking an asteroid with a pogo stick.   [READ MORE]
Two reports say NASA's Mars projects may wind up over budget and way behind schedule.   [READ MORE]
NASA is sending a probe to an asteroid that could hit Earth in the 22nd century.   [READ MORE]
Jupiter's biggest storm is so energetic, its noise alone helps raise the temperature of the atmosphere to an extreme.   [READ MORE]
Astronauts and scientists are living 62 feet below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.   [READ MORE]

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