Monday, November 20, 2017
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Not all wins are created equal. Just ask the St. Patrick football team, after back to back winless seasons, the Fighting Irish finally got that sweet taste of victory once again on Friday with their first triumph since 2014. On paper the record says they’re 1-1 and that’s something to celebrate, yet all the more reason to act like they’ve been there before. "When you lose a game, by Monday you've got to forget about it and go on. And same way with a win, really.” But there’s something about ending a 23 game losing streak, lasting all of 34 months that’s a welcome distraction at this week’s practice. "It's something that we're going to deal with all week and it is fine. I mean it's better than losing." With 34 years of coaching experience under his belt, Jim Bloomfield has been a fixture in the Gulf Coast football scene long enough to see his fair share of wins and losses. But Friday’s 33-6 victory over Mount Olive signifies a turning point for an up and coming program. St. Patrick running back/ MLB Austin Schepens said, "Even just one win would help because we had a lot of losses, so just that one win gives us motivation to moving forward and keep working hard." St. Patrick Wing back/ OLB Robert Starks said, "It's a relief, it feels good. I've been waiting two years to win a football game and now that it has it's just a big relief off of our shoulders." "We were able to play four full quarters of competitive football and before we were just kind of getting blown out by people. So for our kids it's fun for them to come to practice and be prepared and to know that they have a chance to win the ball games." As a 2A school, St. Patrick is still fighting an uphill battle in terms of numbers. This year’s 32 man varsity roster is up from about 18 at the end of last season to the point where the Fighting Irish now have a JV team for the first time in program history. Just another step in the process that got them back in the win column. "Well now that we realize we can win we've got to work harder and maybe wins will start coming easier if we start working harder and hopefully we can get some more." "What you have to give these kids is a fair chance to win and what I know is they have to prepare. And so I've forgotten about it and so I go at it like we haven't won a game in five years. So we're going to work hard this week." The Fighting Irish will look to turn one win into two with its next home game versus Pope John Paul II out of Slidell at 7 p.m. on Friday.   [READ MORE]
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