Sunday, April 23, 2017
Monday Sports April 17
by Clip Syndicate
Kari Bustamante has NHL and NBA playoffs plus the profile on 2017 Alaska Sports Hall of Fame inductee, Martin Buser   [READ MORE]
Sports Sunday April 16th
by Clip Syndicate
Patrick has highlights from the NHL playoffs as two former Alaskan hockey players look to make a difference, Warriors tip things off in the NBA playoffs, plus UAA Track and Field finds success in California.   [READ MORE]
Sunday Sports April 16th, 2017 Condors Big Win Recap. Flying Easter Bunny tackles mascot, NBA Golden State beats Portland in a game one shootout.   [READ MORE]
Sports Friday April 15th
by Clip Syndicate
Patrick has highlights from Day 3 of the NHL playoffs, Aces literally close their doors, and AABC honors a couple of High School Basketball Hall of Famers   [READ MORE]
nmsu basketball coach paul weir to unm report   [READ MORE]
Saturday Sports April 9th
by Clip Syndicate
Patrick has sports live from the Sullivan Arena for the final game in Aces history. Plus the latest from the USA national hockey tournament and APD was playing basketball in Fairview.   [READ MORE]

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