Sunday, November 19, 2017
Wednesday Sports July 5
by Clip Syndicate
Kari Bustamante has ABL, an update on Aaron Judge plus an Alaskan takes home the silver from the US National Taekwondo championship   [READ MORE]
Hardhats open things up by taking on Las Vegas Wednesday night. Also: -Paige Mcpherson wins silver medal at World Taekwondo Championships.   [READ MORE]
Floyd Mayweather was coming out of Catch in Los Angeles when the topic of him fighting Conor McGregor came up. He didn't give us any update on the potential bout, but he did go on and on about how respects mma and its fighters.   [READ MORE]
A local officer is taking on a new role, from fighting crime on the streets to fighting in the boxing ring.   [READ MORE]
Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are reportedly planning to fight in Dubai in hopes of getting around sanctions and bringing in millions of dollars.   [READ MORE]
While Soulja Boy and Chris Brown make plans to have a charity boxing match to help squash their beef, it appears that Soulja has recruited Floyd Mayweather to be his trainer.   [READ MORE]

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