Tuesday, April 25, 2017
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Serena Williams posted a sweet note to her growing baby on Instagram.   [READ MORE]
beau sportscast tuesday ten pm tennis bball   [READ MORE]
A pair of Penn State grads, T.J. Howe and Kevin Foley, are in the field this week for the U.S. Open at Oakmont Country Club in Pennsylvania. Howe is from the Keystone State and will have many friends and family on hand to watch him compete on golf's biggest stage.   [READ MORE]
Golf Guru on US Open
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When golfers tee it up for the U.S. Open at Oakmont on Thursday they are in for one of the hardest tracks to ever hold a major.   [READ MORE]
Hilary Swank has reportedly ended her engagement with tennis pro, Ruben Torres.   [READ MORE]
Serena and Venus Williams, with former NFL star Bryant McKinnie, get competitive in the third annual Williams Invitational dance competition. This years theme? Animation. What began as a casual friends-and-family tennis weekend transformed when dance was added to kick off the events. Three teams, five judges, months of rehearsals, one gold medal. Serena explains, ?It got serious, then it got overboard serious, and then it got Broadway.   [READ MORE]
Meet Chris Roell
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Kingsford's Chris Roell was named Academic Athlete of the Year in the Local 3 Sports Awards earlier this month. He plays football, basketball, tennis, and track and field. So, how exactly does he pull that off?   [READ MORE]

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