Sunday, June 24, 2018
by Clip Syndicate
The all-women's league resumes play in August at US Cellular Fields.   [READ MORE]
Need a new smartphone but don't want to spend a lot?   [READ MORE]
Accidents happen, especially to our phones.   [READ MORE]
Today on Table Talk, are you on your cell phone a little too often? Our kids think so!   [READ MORE]
Here's how to connect a Google Home device to a Bluetooth speaker or audio system for music playback.   [READ MORE]
A recent government study using lab rodents took a close look at whether cell phones could be linked to cancer. The most compelling finding was an increase in a rare kind of heart tumor in male rats. KXAS' Bianca Castro reports.   [READ MORE]
WAAY 31's Tech Guy Jamey Tucker reports on ways that parents can monitor and limit their children's smartphone use   [READ MORE]

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