Monday, August 20, 2018
by Clip Syndicate
I've been cell phone service free since January 1st, and am breaking down the pros and cons, and giving you tips and tricks to living without a phone.   [READ MORE]
A California-based company has developed a test to determine one's cellular age   [READ MORE]
Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self! Today, Aundrea looks at upcoming 5G wireless technology that is expected to be 100 times faster but is not without controversy. Also, Aundrea takes a look at the history of women in the military. And finally, WCBI meteorologist Jacob Dickey is cooking up a storm once again in the kitchen! Today's recipe: a scrumptious dip that is bound to be a hit at your next party!   [READ MORE]
Need a new smartphone but don't want to spend a lot?   [READ MORE]
Accidents happen, especially to our phones.   [READ MORE]
Today on Table Talk, are you on your cell phone a little too often? Our kids think so!   [READ MORE]
Here's how to connect a Google Home device to a Bluetooth speaker or audio system for music playback.   [READ MORE]

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