Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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"Digital Shadow" is a website, and accompanying Facebook app, that analyzes your Facebook posts and pictures, then presents that information as part of a promotion for the upcoming video game "Watch Dogs." Set to be released May 27 on PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and One, and PC for $59.99 "Watch Dogs" is an action/adventure game in which players take the role of a rogue hacker who exploits the social networks, databases and surveillance equipment around him to achieve his own goals.  [READ MORE]
Sony on Thursday announced it has cumulatively sold more than 7 million units of its Playstation 4 console. Meanwhile, Microsoft has reported no real sales figures for Xbox One, but has announced 5 million units shipped to retailers since the console launched. These numbers have renewed interest in the next-generation console wars, leading many to again question which of the three -- Playstation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo's Wii U -- has really come out on top.  [READ MORE]
Bad News: We're 'Over the Hill' at 25
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I turns out our cognitive function begins to decline after the age of 24, making 25 year olds like super crotchety an lame, which we knew anyway.  [READ MORE]
StuffWeLike: Battlefield Bad Company 2 Addiction
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It's not ok! Video games are addictive. Give me a purpose to play Battlefield Bad Company 2. Should we set a day which we go online and play together?  [READ MORE]
Yesterday, Sony announced that it had sold 7 million PS4s to consumers, a colossal number pretty much any way you swing it. Well now, Microsoft has announced 5 million units were shipped to retailers, making the sell-through less than that, though by how much we cant say. The PS4 was once again the best selling console in the US in March, which is bad news for Microsofts hopes that Titanfall would galvanize its player base.  [READ MORE]
Sony has just announced that 7 million PS4s have been sold worldwide, five months after the console's release. The launch has already shattered the notion that dedicated video game consoles are dead or dying, and these numbers only continue to reinforce that.  [READ MORE]
Sony Sells 7 Million Playstation Consoles
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Sony has sold over 7 million Playstation 4 video game consoles as of April 6, the company said on Wednesday. The Japanese company surpassed its full-year target of 5 million units by the end of March. The console went on sale on November 29 in the United States, Western Europe and Latin America, around the same time that rival Microsoft Xbox One was released.  [READ MORE]

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