Friday, October 31, 2014
The first thing that strikes you about the video game by Moon Studios' "Ori and the Blind Forest" is the gorgeous atmosphere. But playing through two sections of a preview build brought this game's rich mechanics and difficulty to the fore. Ori's aesthetics are matched by a compelling world — an adventure wrapped in puzzles like many of the 2D forebears that inspired it.

Sesame Street has added yet another guest star to its collection! Actress Claire Danes appeared on the show to teach viewers the word of the day. The three-minute video starts with Claire and Cookie Monster. The Homeland actor opens by telling viewers they will be learning a new word. Danes responds to the animated character by saying, "No, Cookie Monster, we're not here to talk about cookies, but we are here to tell everyone the word of the day." To his despair, though, the new word is "diagram."

Between an e-book business, a TV studio, and gaming streaming service Twitch, Amazon has all of the pieces to build a video game franchise with cross-media potential. Now all it needs is that hit game. Amazon is getting another chance to deliver. The Seattle online retailing giant on Tuesday released a new set of games for its mobile devices. The fall lineup is a mix of original titles and collaboration with other game developers, all made specifically for Amazon's devices.  [READ MORE]
Playing endless hours of video games could turn you into a millionaire. The world of competitive gaming has turned the hobby into a lucrative sport. Countless tournaments have sprung up over the years, offering gamers the chance to win hundreds of thousands of dollars for playing rounds of Dota 2 or StarCraft. Players can even sign to competitive teams, with the potential to win millions in international tournaments.  [READ MORE]
Chariot is a puzzle platformer where a princess and her fiancé must take a wheeled coffin up ledges, down pits and past danger to find its resting place. Mashable tested Chariot for its new What to Play YouTube series, where Mashable writers check out promising new video games and let you decide if they're worth playing.

It's not always glitz and glam for Selena Gomez, in fact, sometimes the 22-year-old is overwhelmed by all of her success. During a recent interview with beauty blog Into the Gloss, the "Come & Get It" singer shared why starring in her hit Disney show as a teen was crucial to her upbringing. Gomez says "I was on Wizards of Waverley Place from when I was 14 until I was 18 or 19 and I thank God for that show, it gave me a legitimate family.  [READ MORE]

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