Monday, November 24, 2014
As game makers prepare their best titles for the holiday season, the video game industry has yet to bounce back. Total sales of video games at US retail shops remained flat in October, coming in at $790.7 million, within a percentage point of the same time a year ago, according to a report by industry watcher NPD Group. But the devil's in the details: Software sales are still falling, while purchases of new video game hardware have jumped.   [READ MORE]
Sony is applying yet another update to its PlayStation 4 to resolve issues with the console. GameSpot and other sources are reporting that as of Tuesday, PS4 update version 2.02 has started to roll out. GameSpot adds that the update is already out and about in the UK, while a push in North America is expected to follow. Sony confirmed the update in a tweet posted late Monday. This marks the second bug-fixing patch since last week that Sony has rolled out for its PS4.   [READ MORE]
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare isn't playing nice with the Share Play feature on Sony's PlayStation 4. GameSpot confirmed that Advanced Warfare blocks all Share Play functionality. When gamers try to use the online game-sharing feature, all gameplay footage is marked as censored. While this doesn't affect the owner's console, it prevents games from being streamed to a second PS4.

How long can you last in the frigid Canadian wilderness after being stranded by a plane crash? For those looking to test their survival skills, The Long Dark will scratch that itch without freezing anyone to death. While The Long Dark is still in development by Hinderland Games, the user can get a good sense for the title from what's currently available on Steam.

Activision Blizzard made a bet that Destiny, a new sci-fi video game that blends shooter games with multiplayer titles played exclusively over the Internet, would prove a success. And now that bet is starting to pay off. The game maker and publisher reported fiscal third-quarter earnings Tuesday, and sales and profit exceeded Wall Street's estimates. Sales rose 78 percent from a year ago, while profits per share nearly tripled, each after adjustments for deferred revenue and other items.   [READ MORE]
Nintendo Co. is hoping to revive its flagging fortunes with a better night’s sleep. With its console-videogame business facing growing challenges from free games played on smartphones, the Japanese company said Thursday that it was adding a new business line—health care—starting with a service next year that tracks users’ sleeping patterns. The service will track users’ shut-eye via a new, sensor-equipped device.


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