Saturday, August 30, 2014
by Clip Syndicate
A changing of the hoodie at Rovio, the Finalnd-based creator of the catapulting Angry Birds series of casual games that has seen its profit fall by more than half in the last year: its CEO Mikael Hed is stepping down, and he is passing on the reigns to Pekka Rantala, who most recently has been the CEO of Finnish drinks maker Hartwall but also spent many years with Nokia.   [READ MORE]
A new 3DS with a second analog stick and more powerful CPU is coming to Japan in October, Nintendo announced in a live stream on Friday, though no Western release information was given. The New 3DS and larger New 3DS XL will come with an additional, smaller analog "nub" above the face buttons on its right side. The face buttons have been colored to match the old-school SNES controller colors.   [READ MORE]
Nintendo has seen better times. Back in June, the company announced a quarterly loss despite tripling sales of its flagship console, the Wii U. The numbers were bad, but look even worse when looking back with context: if Nintendo sold the Wii U at the same rate as the previous quarter for a year, it would only sell about 2 million units.

Sucker Punch’s PlayStation-exclusive Infamous is an attention grabbing gaming franchise. The tale of ordinary humans getting and coming to grips with super powers in an open-world environment is always captivating, and that’s true even with the new Infamous: First Light expansion DLC for PlayStation 4, which takes the setting and mechanics of Infamous: Second Son but creates a new adventure, with a different protagonist, new powers and standalone gameplay that doesn’t even require the user to own the original title.

the biggest shifts in technology, software and devices that affect our lives. for centuries, they have been standing silent. but this week... some of england's historic statues will be given a voice. c-n-n's jim boulden went to hear what they had to say. they stand in our parks. in our train stations. on our streets. often ignored. and silent. "if you've walked along the thames here on blackfriars bridge you might have walked right past queen victoria but now you can tap, type or scan ... and get a phone call from queen victoria." "hello...victoria here. queen of england for 63 years, seven months and two days but who's counting." read by actors, 35 statues across london and manchester now have a voice. "i think that in a world where we feel increasingly separate from our public spaces, how can we make people feel a sense of belonging and a sense of ownership and a sense of fun. we can stop people from looking in their phones to looking out at the world around them." at paddington station, voicing great engineer isambard brunel is downton abbey's hugh bonneville. " whole life was about trying to get somewhere..." patrick stewart becomes the unknown soldier. "come on, stand a while..." and in manchester, lending his voice to conductor barbirolli is actor, timothy west. "do you notice statues much? are you somebody who stops and takes a look? even if you don't know who the person is?" "yes i do and i say 'oh yeah, i must remember to google him when i get home,' and i forget. so that's what's good about this you get a little tiny thumbnail sketch of somebody that you can listen to." but it's not just people, it's animals too. "good morrow to you dear passer by..." helen lederer voices whittington's cat, who was the feline friend of the 15th century london mayor dick whittington. "these statues have existed at a time when now celebrity is so usual and common place, these were the celebrities of the time, the icons, and we just don't notice them but they must all have done something quite important." as these statues make their voices heard in the u-k, there are plans to expand this to american and european cities. so you never know who you might get a call from next. jim boulden c-n-n london. once again, someone has been messing with the sony playstation network. and this time the infiltrators have even disrupted the travel plans of a top company official. the hacker or hackers went on twitter to suggest that there was a bomb on his american airlines plane. that forced the airline to cut short the sony executive's flight on sunday and bring the plane down for an unplanned landing in phoenix. a twitter account called lizard squad tweeted to american airlines that there might be explosives on the plane carrying john smedley, the president of sony online entertainment, which makes video games. the same account also claimed responsibility for the playstation network outage. we want to remind you to "like" the wdef news 12 the morning facebook page. just search for us on facebook to find us. when you do, you can converse with us in our question of the day. this morning we ask chart topper brad paisley returns today with a new album! moonshine in the trunk includes the hit "river bank." the video features twiggy the water skiing squirrel! paisley hopes the song will become his 23rd chart topper... and the album will be his eighth release to hit number-one. to celebrate paisley's return, he autographed this guitar for us... which we'll be giving away to one lucky viewer. visit our facebook page to find out how you can enter friday's big drawing   [READ MORE]
Amazon is the new owner of Esports web broadcasting site The online commerce mega-giant spent a record $970 million on the acquisition, the largest in its history. For those who are wondering what is, the site is to video games what ESPN is to sports. In fact, it often outpaces ESPN—2012's video stream of the all-star match for League of Legends had 18 million unique viewers, outstripping the MLB World Series that was being broadcast at the same time.   [READ MORE]
After months of rumors, game streaming service Twitch is finally being acquired — just by a different company than first thought. Amazon announced Monday afternoon that it had agreed to buy Twitch for $970 million in cash, a surprise move given the many reports that Twitch had all but inked a deal with Google's YouTube. The Amazon deal may be viewed as more of a head-scratcher.   [READ MORE]

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