Thursday, August 24, 2017
by Clip Syndicate
The Twin Falls Girls Soccer team hopes to power through the Great Basin Conference.   [READ MORE]
Strength in numbers is something the Selinsgrove Seals will be counting on in 2017. With a huge bulk of their roster returning, the Seals will look to improve on an 8-4 season. Part of that returning group is quarterback Logan Leiby, who will be starting for the 4th year in Selinsgrove.   [READ MORE]
Rush defenseman Riley Weselowski runs camps for area youth.   [READ MORE]
After one short year at Keesler Air Force Base, Major General Robert Labrutta relinquished his command of the 2nd Air Force. Command was passed down at a Change of Command ceremony on Keesler’s training support facility parade field. News 25’s Caroline Eaker introduces us to Major General Timothy Leahy and shows us his plans for the 2nd Air Force. In a time honored tradition, Major General Robert Labrutta handed over command of the 2nd Air Force Base during a Change of Command ceremony at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi after serving one year in the post. “And I will tell you that even thought it was short, it was the best job and the best experience of my 34 years in the Air Force.” The outgoing commander will head to the Pentagon to become the director of military force management policy, leaving Major General Timothy Leahy responsible for the development of all aspects of basic military training. Major General Leahy has come into this new position with an updated plan to train these young airmen and women. “I’ll bring the desire to look at things, make change, experiment, and find the things that work and then incorporate them and then the things that don’t work we will push them aside and we will move forward.” Major General Leahy says a big part of his unique training technique is bringing new technology to the Air Force Base. “It’s new technology. It’s ways to use technology differently. It’s ways to embrace change at a faster pace than we have previously done because technology is rapidly changing. If we are going to sustain ourselves as the most capable military force we absolutely have to adapt at the speed of war, at the speed of those younger generations can bring to an Air Force that is commanded by an older generation.”   [READ MORE]
Small Business Meeting and Results   [READ MORE]
Tates Creek keeping this week business as usual vs. Frederick Douglass.   [READ MORE]
Delmarva Baseball Legend may get Memorial   [READ MORE]

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