Tuesday, July 25, 2017
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Soccer Match At Garces, Dodgers Win Again, Clint Dempsey Ties Landon Donovan For most goals scored in U.S. Soccer Team History, Cowboys Camp, Broncos extend John Elway Contract.   [READ MORE]
Saydel snapped a decade long drought making it to state for the first time since 2007   [READ MORE]
2A Quarterfinal Action
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Centerville advances while Keumper Catholic hands Van Meter a big upset   [READ MORE]
Summer basketball practice at Alabama   [READ MORE]
No matter what generation it is there’s always going to be a debate between new school and old school. Over the next few weeks, college football will create that divide in fall camp without the likes of two-a-days. Southern Miss will be one of many programs starting practice this week which is much earlier than usual. Back in April, the NCAA Division I Council outlawed multiple contact practices in a day during the pre-season. To account for the change, the Golden Eagles will start their sessions Wednesday, counting down from 29 until the home opener versus Kentucky on September 2nd. Head Coach Jay Hopson only knows one way to do fall camp, but he’s willing to swallow his pride twice a day. "I think the old players are all mad about it because they're like wait, I had to go through two-a-days. I don't know if there's an old player out there that's not a little bit jealous of the new circumstances, but that's football. And we actually get a little bit more teaching time, so it's a positive in the long run. It's the first time in my life I've reported in July for football, so it'll be interesting." One hundred and five players reported for the start of fall camp earlier today.   [READ MORE]
Sioux Falls defeats Fargo 3-1 to claim district championship.   [READ MORE]
Company Microchips
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Employees at a western Wisconsin company will soon be the first in the united states to be able to pay for purchase items or log into their computers using only their hand...   [READ MORE]

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