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Acupuncture for our Forever Friends

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Dr. Graham from the U of I talks health benefits of using acupuncture on our pets. Video: Acupuncture for our Forever Friends
Dr. Graham from the U of I talks health benefits of using acupuncture on our pets. Tue, 07 Mar 2017 21:21:54 +0000 Acupuncture for our Forever Friends Dr. Graham from the U of I talks health benefits of using acupuncture on our pets. WCIA it's not uncommon toe seek out alternative treatments when you experience pain. >> matt: we shouldn't be surprised that maybe some of those same experimental techniques might work on our pets. we're going to explore that in today's forever families. lu is here to tell us more. she is so sweet. is she yours? >> she is my dog, and i'm very blessed to have here. >> tell us about her. >> she's a 2 1/2-year-old rescue boxer as a puppy. she's been with me and she's a great personality. >> yeah. and so today we're talking about the benefits of acupuncture. lots of people try it and have good benefits, but why would we use this on our pets? is it safe? >> yes. acupuncture commonly used in veterinary patients, dogs, cats, horses. most often for pain management, but also for other aspects like helping them have a better appetite, working with some of the side effects of chemotherapy if they're being treated for cancer, things like that. >> you brought in some acupuncture needles. are they basically the same as you use on humans? >> yeah. they're the same needles, although i would say a lot of people get -- they don't care for the idea of a needle, right? they've had shots and things like that. it's a different -- the tip of the needle is very different. it's not as sharp so it doesn't have the same ouchy feeling when put in. >> tell us a little bit. i'm not going to presume everybody knows what acupuncture is or why there's benefit to it or the science behind what the benefit is for humans. tell us a little bit about that, if you would. >> right. acupuncture works in a couple of different methods. one of which it sort of alters that electrical current that flows along the body. you can put a needle in one area and affect another area. it also tends to work by helping the body release its own opiod properties that will help with pain management, or it can help with the body kind of modulating it's own inflammatory properties so it kind of works like aspirin might for your pain and things like that. >> interesting. it's been around for -- it goes back millennia. in recent medicine they used it a lot in the last 30 years. that's wonderful. why did lulu need it? >> lu is a pretty, young, health dogs. a few weeks ago she had sudden knee pain that i decided to use acupuncture for to kind of help manage that. >> and are there any side effects of doing it? >> most of the time not. the worst thing you might get is your pet might be a little tired after a treatment. >> how long should you do it? how many sessions? >> so, it depends on what you try to treat oftentimes i do one to two treatments for a week or three to four weeks. we see where we're at. between the use of acupuncture and chiropractic and herbal medicine and at-home exercises if they have particular weakness in an area of the body, we can then wean that off and stretch those out. >> interesting. how many dogs have been worked with as a veterinarian? how many have you performed acupuncture with? >> that's hard to put a number to. >> more than 20? >> a couple hundred maybe. >> no kidding? wow. show us how it would work, if you would. if you were going to live lu a treatment. does she know it's coming? >> she really doesn't notice it much. we'll see what she does here with the cameras and all. oftentimes she doesn't notice it coming. i come up to her. this is my touching her, but she doesn't notice the needle going in. i leave it there. i might turn the need one direction or another. i might leave it in for a few minutes or 20 minutes depending where it's at on the body. >> she doesn't seem faced. will she roll and try to get it off? >> most of the time, no. it might be the time for that needle to be done and don't worry about it. >> what are the results, then? she had knee pain and you gave her a poke like this. did it go away entirely? is it a treatment? does it come back? >> well, it depends what the underlying cause is of the pain. sometimes you get an immediate effect and the pain resolves. sometimes if it's a chronic type of pain, an ongoing type of pain we might have to revisit that several times. >> interesting. >> how many needles would you do? >> on average it depends on the pet. probably three to four to maybe no more than seven to eight. >> so important to make sure your veterinarian is trained in acupuncture. you don't want to just go to whoever. >> right. right. there's a couple of different training groups around the country that can certify your veterinarian for traing in acupuncture, and we can provide them on the website. >> there you go. thank you so much. lu is here hanging out with us this afternoon. we appreciate you coming. for more information on acupuncture and to get in touch with dr. graham and all the friends at the u of i investigate teaching hospital, head to after today's show. such a valuable resource in the community. >> very much. lu is so calm and chilling out. >> she's our mascot today. >> she's totally our mascot. i hope i'm that brave when i get acupuncture. >> have you had it? >> no. i would consider it. >> we're bringing the camera along next

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