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Bluetooth Speaker

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Bluetooth Speaker Video: Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth Speaker Tue, 14 Mar 2017 15:15:56 +0000 Bluetooth Speaker Bluetooth Speaker KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City >> welcome back. if you are anything like me and nicea and like to have a dance party with your kids randomly throughout the day you are going to need good speaks. >> and you have to turn out the lights. reason why, because this one actually has a discolight. >> discoball. >> it just got fun. >> this is incredible. christopher from tech time tuesday is here. talking about different bluetooth speakers that are worth spending the money on? >> right, exactly. so a lot of people want, i like the music all the time when i'm editing photos, cooking, doing whatever i'm listening to music, right. >> yeah. >> but i love good quality sound and i like it to be wireless or throughout the house. >> i do too, i do too. >> so one of the things you can do is buy a full system for your house but you have to have an electrician come in, wire a bunch of stuff stuff in every room, it's really expensive, it works but it's really expensive. or you can buy speakers for the house. >> an they're portable. >> you can move them. >> right. >> this one you can actually walk around, like that. >> looks like a boombox. >> right out of a '90s. >> just like a boombox. on this you will see it has volume control, modes, it has a plug in for you to charge youru sb devices. >> that's nice. >> right here on the side. >> okay. >> so why this size, christopher, just the sound. >> i'm going to play something from my life without a wife blog. >> this is my life. >> but you can actually turn it way up. >> this song makes me want to -- it's going to be okay. if you crank up the sound it actually goes really loud and it is super good quality. speakers on both sides so it actually goes all the way around. >> so size matters. >> absolutely. >> when it comes to your speaker. >> and also the quality of the speaker. this is a 360 speaker, so you can put it in the middle of the room and it would actually go 360 around and you can connect multiple speakers together. >> this is the monster rave box. >> and this can go outside on your deck, are these waterproof. >> this has an outdoor mode fvmentd you look on the back here. >> you can take this outside. >> and you have outdoor. it is not waterproof, but i mean it would be okay in a little sprinkle, not a heavy downpour. >> so fun, dance party anywhere. >> the cool thing about this, this is more nice for home decoration, right? >> those are pretty. >> and these actually come off. >> oh. >> you have to get it around here. >> what are these called. >> this is the liberetone dip zip speaker. >> these speak ares are cool because you can change your color for whatever mood you are in. >> before you put that on. >> you see the speaker, right the the other cool thing build this is all the control is on the top by this little symbol up here. and then you can actually, if you are are cooking in the kitchen and the speaker is on the corner, it comes up and talks. you can cover it and it will mute while you're talking to the person, when you uncover it it goes back on. >> you have to run, find your phone. >> and both of these you can talk on your phone. so it will actually ring. >> what do you mean. >> you can actually answer a phone call through these speakers. just as you would in incar speaker when you connect your phone with it. >> what about price point. >> 449. and these are in the i think the 300 dollar range, these are up towards 400. >> should you spend more to get a better one. or. >> like i say off then my tech time stuff, buy what you need, what features do you want. do you want a changeable cover. >> you can get on really easily. >> that you could get on supereasily. this is the first time i changed it. just like that. >> so you can have one and like maybe every room. >> yes. >> and you could have a big one in the living room and in the other rooms the smaller ones. but look for the features that you want. >> what do you think are the important features people should look for. >> something that connects. these connect via wi-fi which is a stable connection if you have good wi-fi. they also connect bluetooth. so when are you at home and streaming stuff on your wi-fi it is great to have a wi-fi speaker to connect with that. so then you don't get any latency. >> do you think wi-fi is et abouter than blue foot. >> wi-fi is definitely better. a lot of the wireless headphones are going wi-fi now so they work a little bit better. >> okay. the other thing you want to look at is size, weight, all of those things. this is actually a pretty heavy speaker. >> it really is. >> oh my gosh. >> but durable. >> they also make a version of this without the light on it too. so you can get this without the-- discoball. >> i feel like we're going to need that light. if you need christopher you need to know what bluetooth speak certificate right for you, is he on tech life also social media, all of it right there on your screen. go to the website. we'll link you to the information. >> brian, you ready

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