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http://eplayer.clipsyndicate.com/view/12463/6828722 Video: LML OPENING SEGMENT
http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12463/6828722?cpt=8&wpid=2637 Tue, 14 Mar 2017 14:00:00 +0000 LML OPENING SEGMENT KURT "KC" CLAYTON JOINS AMY HE IS A TWO-TIME GRAMMY NOMINATED PRODUCER, SONGWRITER, ARRANGER AND ARTIST. KURT CURRENTLY TEACHES MUSIC BUSINESS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS. http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12463/6828722?cpt=8&wpid=2637 WATN real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company >> live from local 24 in high definition this is local memphis live. here is your host, amy speropoulos. >>amy: good morning. with me is my pal. he is a fabulous music producer. >> i thought you were talking about someone else for a minute. how are you? >>amy: we are thrilled. we are tracking through the week. >> we finally got the daylight saving time miller away but not totally. >>amy: at least we are not like the rest of the country kurt and snowed in. >> i have friends up north in chicago and buffalo. >>amy: is that not crazy? >> thank god we are in memphis. we got just a little cold. saturday we got some snow. >> i heard about that. >>amy: it was crazy. did you hear about it: >> i tuned in on sunday and there was nothing here. >>amy: i know. it literally was here and the next morning don. >> that's the best one. and here we delight half of a half of a half of an inch. >>amy: people freak out. >> they can see it. >>amy: the girl this morning on "good morning america" was standing literally in a snowdrift she couldn't even see. >> i was in dc one time and it started snowing. we didn't know how deep it was but we jumped a guard rail and the snow came up to my waist. we got snowed in for about three days. the hotel started running out of food and everything. >> but they are used to it. >>amy: they are which is far from the way we are. >> the city here shuts down from rain. >>amy: you are always involved in music mondays and you sent us some information involving jonathan richman. >> this coming monday, we have a special performance monday celebrating as a lot of you may know, he was part of the grammy award-winning record with layla hathaway. they want you to come see our brother and celebrate him. we have some winners from the council. >>amy: tell us who one that. remind me the one that. >> the grand winner was a man by the name of why not. the fact there was so much talent we didn't want to just say let's do one. we basically had four other people that we chose, carla barnes, cassandra caldwell. >>amy: that is so cool. >> patricia cook and jonathan adkins. they all brought something different to the table so let's make a group out of all of them. >>amy: is it wise? >> the way we found out it is >>amy: why not?ackwards. yeah. very cool. >> his style to his voice and singer/songwriter. that makes our job a lot easier. >>amy: oh, shoot, yeah. >> everybody is ready to get to work and talk about it. hopefully it is going to be another shot, not just in the music, memphis music arm but all. in the music >>amy: another home run for you. i love it. kc productions. >> we are going to be helping to celebrate his accomplishments. it's this coming monday. they are going to be performing. >>amy: we have to be there. we are thrilled you are here show.us today. a massive movement to empower local ladies underway as we speak. will show you how these ladies are spending spring break learning behind the scenes at local businesses. >> and it's street patrick's day coming up. the parade is going to get underway and we are going to tell you about the cooper young event and celtic crossing is here with some authentic irish dishes. >> we will take you to memphis animal society. they are looking for loving homes. it is a great story. >> this is a cool deal. this reminds me of something kennedy and you and my girls would be involved in because they are learning. the stem program for ladies is wide open and it is just founder of this organization and, in fact, this is a girls, it is called " girl 24" and they go to six businesses. sifted up and spent the day hey in male-dominated industries to see how they could enter these industries. isn't that cool? >> that is cool. >>amy: included manufacturing plants and construction sites and basically about how it is made. >> it is hidden figures 2.0. thank you very much. women behind the scenes. >>amy: that is exactly right. i heard that movie was great. >> i took kennedy and she cried. i cried. i was trying to man up but it was tough for me. moonlight.ave yet to see >> i tried to man up sometimes. >>amy: but as a dad, it's okay that you show your daughter it's okay. thank you. exactly. >> it is national pie day and when i saw that this morning i was, like, does that mean i can over there be three you were now this is not about the pipe although a lot of restaurants are offering pie deals and for all you math lovers out there, it basically means that all these numbers and it basically means, what does that mean. roll the prompter. thank you. 3.14. >> she knew it. >>amy: clearly i have not a math person it is 3.14, march 14. how do you celebrate that day? by talking about 3.14. >> i thought it was just to eat pie. >>amy: i would rather eat pie also. >> let me get 3.14 pies. >>amy: that is what i would rather get to be honest. since i went into communications, i am not a math genius at all. >> i can tell everyone that. >>amy: just eat pie today. >> i want to eat the pie. >>amy: this is an awesome story. he might be the worst m the competitor ever, but he sure did get a lot of laughs. look at this dog go he is a jack russell which does not surprise me because i have a lot of spunk and speed. >> a lot of energy. >>amy: he was at a dog show in the uk and he just went nuts. he kept on going. the spectators were just going nuts watching him. this. a real show dog. >>amy: you have to see this. no.e you seen that icehouse? >>amy: i was pulling out my phone. i was talking to the photographer this morning. this is in western new york, a house encased in ice. a photographer captured the phenomenon and shared it with everyone online. this is part of the border we were talking about. is this not incredible? >> water just hit the house and immediately froze. >>amy: it is on lake ontario and he said it was after five days of intense wind, hurt, he actually said people thought he photoshop to the image, but he said i certainly did not. he posted it on line and he is a professional photographer and has been for a long time. everybody went nuts. there are people inside. have contacted him including cnn and everybody else because they say it is something out of a fairytale, but, yes, people are living inside. is that not crazy? >> they are living inside. >>amy: it's not normal, per se, it has happened before. >> well, i live in memphis. >>amy: not ever living in a he could do that to your house. there aren't enough winter clothes. , thank you so much. here.ank you for letting me be >>amy: kc productions. >> you can find us online for kc productions. be three he is always in the studio going back there today. >>amy: don't go anywhere because we are talking to mary and louis from the ashen they

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