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WAWV Valley Ag Weekly 03-19-2017

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This week on Valley Ag Weekly, we're back at Ivy Tech and we've moved over to the technology of the ag deparment here at Ivy Tech talking with Darin Kohlmeyer, the program chair for the precision ag program. Video: WAWV Valley Ag Weekly 03-19-2017
This week on Valley Ag Weekly, we're back at Ivy Tech and we've moved over to the technology of the ag deparment here at Ivy Tech talking with Darin Kohlmeyer, the program chair for the precision ag program. Sun, 19 Mar 2017 14:11:06 +0000 WAWV Valley Ag Weekly 03-19-2017 This week on Valley Ag Weekly, we're back at Ivy Tech and we've moved over to the technology of the ag deparment here at Ivy Tech talking with Darin Kohlmeyer, the program chair for the precision ag program. WAWV week on valley ag weekly we're back at ivy tech and we've moved over to the technology are of the ag deparment here at ivy tech talking with darin kohlmeyer, darin, what exactly is your title here at ivy tech? i am the program chair for the precision ag programthat sounds impressive it's not too badokay, tell us about precision ag what's it all about?basically, there's a lot of things involved with precision ag there's a lot of technologies that's being involved or being implemented in farming, farmers are looking for ways to maximize their input so technologies being developed and applied to incorporate all this for a farmer to it's just kind of raising the efficiencyyeah, exactly yeah, your maximixing your input right, okay, how dow that work, what do ou do?a lot of different technologies behind us an example there a sprayer that we've been dealing with here it's called the raven multi-systemright,and what it does it can control the rates be precise with the amount of chemicals that you're applying. i seemakes compensations you can shut off different sections as you're spraying across the field, so they say you can say five to seven percent just by using the system like how long have these type of things been used in agriculture, is the something new and it has continued to grow, i'm has continued to grow, i'd say stuff like this is maybe fiv e to ten years, just contantly changes.what about gps is involved too, how does that work?basically, it's tracking everything you do, it tracks your location in the field so you have a spot where you apply the chemical you get your yield when you apply fertilizer anything it's tied to the location.i know the kids here you are teaching this and the kids are going to graduate and they're going to know all about this but what about the average farmer who's out there now and thinking i might want to get into this how does he learn more about it?a lot of classes being offered, we do some stuff here, if you look online there's a lot of videos a lot of businesss they'll do some training just for example, raven was here today for some of their dealers, they came in and trained some of their dealers on the equipment so fast emerging technologies, it's kinda hard to keep up with yeah, i'm sure, now just because this is you know not out in the field but i mean this can be back in the office you know applied toward the business end of farming right? exactly, yep, precision ag is basically year around during the winter you might look at all your yields maps, start planning to use all your data that you collected from the previous year andhat's where you start implementing your changes and you get your benefits from your precision ag equipment.right, well, let's take a break when we come back lets talk about drones in agriculture, you're watching back at ivy tech and this week we're talking with darin kohlmeyer about precision agriculture and darin before we took the break we mentioned something about drones in agriculture, it's happening, right?oh, yes, it's probably very one of the fastest growing parts of precision ag. how is the drone used in agriculture?a lot of different uses depending on what you want to use with basically, it's helping people save some time, you know if you've got an 80 acre field and you wan to identify a spot in your field you don't want to be out there all day looking at that field you if you get one of these drones you take it up you can fly the field in 10-15 minutes get some pictures and see exaclty where you need to go.can you see wet spots? exactly, yeah they have different types of camers on them now so they can get some health history for the field you know exacy where the stresses are and you can possibly go out and fix some of the problems during season. can you actually see maybe an area of the field that has some blight or some problems with the crops?yep, exactly, with some of the cameras that are out there nowadays you can actually it will take an ndvi measurement that will determine the stress that's coming out on ththe plant maybe something might be happening here that you don't know about you can get it corrected.that's really interesting, now explain a little bit about this drone that you have here at ivy tech today.we have a, once again, ravens here today they brought in one of their drones that they use, i think its an eagle is what they call it, it can cover four or five hundred acres at a time during the flight so they can fly it's very efficient and cost a little bit more but if you're in a business that wants to get a lot of stuff done , right, this might be the way you might want to go.okay, is the precision agriculture is it a degree in itself here at ivy tech?yes,it isa two year degree okay, can this transfer if they want to go onto another school?yes, we have some agreements with some other universities where you can go here two years and then transfer to another, but a lot of studies that i'm seeing a two year degree might be all you need in precision ag for the job market.that's what i was going to ask you next, the job market, what besides going out in the field you know what other kind of areas can you get into with precision ag? with precision ag we have some agreementsith are some programs where you can actually work maybe with a dealership, you're selling the precision ag technology,you can help install it, but if you're more of a computer guy maybe you can work f some type of fertilizer company go out look at the data and actually make some recommendations with all the information you're gathering throughout the years.and maybe even do some training for us old timers?exactly,yep, exactly well, it's amazing what all is happening you know technoligy wise and it's not only in regular business but it's in farm business and it's it's a big deal.exactly, very fast, very growing , growng very fast yeah, i'm sure, well darin thank you very much really appreciate it good to talk to you and we'll be talking to you some more.sounds good precision agriculture something to think about something to learn about. you've been watching valley ag weekly

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