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What's Appening? - 4/4/17

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What's Appening? - 4/4/17 Video: What's Appening? - 4/4/17
What's Appening? - 4/4/17 Tue, 04 Apr 2017 20:31:05 +0000 What's Appening? - 4/4/17 What's Appening? - 4/4/17 KOLR [?] >> jeremy: hey, kelly. >> tom: hey, kel. >> jeremy: what's going on? i thought since it was election day, we can talk about politics and religion. >> tom: two of my favorite topics. >> kelly: hey, guys, i need to get something done. >> tom: hey, kel, hi. >> kelly: excuse me. >> jeremy: but we need to talk about religion and politics. >> on the count of three, put your hand to your mouth in alarm as if hearing bad news. one, two, three. at this point, your colleagues may be staring at you. wave them off and point at the phone so they look away. they're still looking? okay. fake some laughter, roll your eyes and shrug at them with a smile. they'll get the hint. still looking? fine. repeat these words after me in a serious concerned tone, yes, of course i can talk now. what's the matter? now, it appears you're having trouble focusing at work. if this is true, i have a place for you. [laughter] >> jeremy: if you're curious about what is happening, don't be curious. >> kelly: nope, it's a google chrome extension that can save you from distracting co-workers! >> tom: kelly, kelly! >> kelly: just download this extension to your chrome browser and add your phone number. when a colleague stops by to chat, when you're trying to focus, click the green square in the chrome browser, a phone number from new york city will call you and you'll follow your instructions. your co-worker gets the hint or we hope. and you can get back to work! how did that work? >> jeremy: i could hear it. >> kelly: i had here. it was like i was muffling it with my phone. i heard it for the first time right then. and would you guys have left me alone or not? >> jeremy: yes, of course. >> tom: no! >> jeremy: no, not tom. >> tom: i would have been too concerned, and i couldn't leave. >> kelly: you would have been concerned because i was covering my mouth. because he tells you to do that. >> jeremy: it's cool, because shelby our producer, showed us. it's a little green square. any time somebody comes to your desk, you click the green square and you have an immediate excuse to get out of the conversation! i think it's genius! >> kelly: it is, but now that everybody knows about it, they'll know what you're doing. >> tom: let me hear that! oh, my gosh, it is! >> kelly: it's hysterical. >> tom: if you don't have it tightly against your head, somebody hears them on the other line. >> kelly: on the other line. >> jeremy: you can't fake that. >> kelly: it's a very deep voice. can you hear what he was saying? >> tom: i could, yes. >> jeremy: with you call yourself from your computer? you could be typing and send a call to your phone. i don't know. >> tom: this could be done more on the sneak. >> kelly: this is working out. it's like -- how many times have we told our friend, hey, give me a call. or something. >> jeremy: did you ever have the out call from a friend, like when you were dating? >> tom: no. >> jeremy: i did, several times. >> kelly: talk about it. what is it? >> jeremy: i had a friend who would call me if i needed to get out of a bad date. >> tom: when i was dating, they had to call me to the phone! [laughter] >> kelly: let me say, you guys were really irritating! [laughter] >> tom: thank you. >> kelly: good job. good acting! i mean it, because these guys normally are not like that. >> tom: improve! >> kelly: very good! love it. >> tom: when

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